Friday, July 31, 2009

I want a Malaysia where all are equal and are accorded equal treatment - but alas, both the UMNO-led BN and Pakatan have failed ....

With Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, it was 'ISLAM HADHARI' ...and all just jumped on to the band wagon and started using the 'principles', 'values'... of this "Islamic Hadhari".
Now, we have Najib's 1Malaysia ... and the same thing is happening...Fools are just....
But, what exactly is this "1Malaysia"
Is it one People?
Is is reaffirmation of the Equality of Persons as found very clearly in Article 8 of the Federal Constitution...?
Are Malaysians all equal - and are to be treated equally?
No way is Najib being treated equally... or, is he? (Leadership by example... mmmm. I hope he openly ask the police and MACC to treat him as they treat other normal Malaysians...Call him in for questioning, etc... )
The Rich also get preferential treatment in Malaysia...
Members of Parties are treated differently from Non-Members/Supporters - if not a member or supporter, you will not be appointed as local councillors, Senators, etc... It applies also when it come to scholarships, etc....
Government Employees (Public Servants) are treated differently from other workers and people. They get free healthcare at IJN - but others have to pay tens of thousands of ringgit...They get pensions...and from time they (pesara) is also allocated special supplementary benefits...
What is 1Malaysia? Just another 'to feel good' slogan to project a certain impression/feeling - but which is not in the practices/actions that are supposed to be in line with the slogan...
Rais Yatim, now, comes out and tells us that it is different from another slogan that has been thrown around by DAP..., i.e. 'Malaysian Malaysia'. Sadly, he does not elaborate in the difference but goes on to educate us of the origins of the slogan 'Malaysian Malaysia'...It matters not who started using the phrase... There is no need to waste time trying to differentiate terms...which sounds the same, and looks the same..
The “1Malaysia” concept is not the same as the “Malaysian
Malaysia” slogan espoused by the DAP, Information, Communication and Culture
Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said.

Historically and politically, he said the “Malaysian
Malaysia” concept originated from former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew
and over the years, the DAP and other political parties that were socialistic in
their approach began to adopt the concept.

“According to the (“Malaysian Malaysia”) concept,
everyone is equal and things have to be done according to the fraternity and
brotherhood system, which at that time, was already not in consonant with the
Federation of Malaya’s Reid report,” he said.

(The Reid Commission was an independent commission
responsible for drafting the Constitution of the Federation of Malaya.)

“The tenets of constitutional provisions were not given
the proper bearing and it is not something that we can simply put forward for
the people to accept and understand because Malaya then and Malaysia now is
continuously governed by the Constitution under which various elements of rights
are given,” he said at the 1Malaysia Seminar yesterday. - Star, 30/7/2009,
is not ‘Malaysian Malaysia’
[But, then this is Rais Yatim - and what he says depend on where he stands - when he was out of UMNO-BN, he was strongly calling for the repeal of the ISA, and now back in UMNO-BN, he advocates for the continued maintenance of ISA...]
But wait, it is not just Rais - others, when in the UMNO-led BN also did advocate for the continued existence of ISA and other Detention Without Trial Laws - and, now when they are in Opposition, I am sure we will hear a call for its immediate repeal - Anwar Ibrahim, Zaid Ibrahim, Chua Jui Meng???
For me, my aspiration is that all are equal, and are to be treated equally. There should be an end of discrimination based on political party membership/support. There should be an end to all forms of discrimination.
There can and must be preferential treatment for the poor, and other marginalized groups of persons - but it should never be based on race, ethnicity, religion, origins, etc...

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Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

brother, discrimination will never end. not now or ever. The end of discrimination will only happens when human race are wipe out from the earth...haha...

what we need then, is some form of regulation or law preventing any form of discrimination.