Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Re-defining the relationship between the MP/ADUN and the people should be TOP in Pakatan Rakyat's Agenda...

The UMNO-led BN has created a 'culture' of dependence on BN and its component parties, through its MPs and ADUNs, over the 50 plus years they have been in power...

They have also created a 'norm' as to what is and should be the relationship between the 'peoples' representative' and the people in the constitution...
- Want donation or sponsor - go see MP/ADUN
- Want support to get project/Tender of business - go see MP/ADUN
- Want scholarship or student loan, go see MP/ADUN
- Want help, go see MP/ADUN

We need to change this - EMPOWER the people to be independent and capable of resolving their own problems.

Do not make the people DEPENDENT on Wakil Rakyats.

More consultations with the people to get their views on various matters of concern - not just meet people to hear their 'problems'.

What is the people's opinion on healthcare - do they want it to be nationalized and made free for all, or do they want it to be privatized - an example of the things that MPs/ADUNs should be discussing with their contituents. BN told the people their decisions - and how they are going to implement these decisions. Pakatan must be different - they must 'consult, discuss, debate ...' with the people before making decisions... Remember - you are 'peoples' representatives'

In the BN days, when the people have a function/activity, then they go see their 'wakil rakyat'(the peoples' representative), who will then hand the people a 'donation' (usually cash) to help out in the activities/function. Now, when they go to Pakatan Rakyat MPs/ADUNs, they find that no such 'donation'/'help' is forthcoming - and there is a disappointment with the 'wakil rakyat'. What many did not know, was the fact that the money /help that these BN reps were dishing out was not from money in their pockets - but was with government money, that was channelled to all BN reps for their usage for their area. (This money that the BN was dishing out was not their personal money at all - now the PR reps, when they give donations many a time are using their own personal money...). I belive every BN MPs had about RM2 million per year for him to spend in his constituency - but non-BN MPs did not get anything [I wonder why the non-BN MPs did not take this matter to court, for I believe that is clearly discrimination and it goes against the constitutional guarantee of equality...]

- Hence, what Pakatan Rakyat needs to do is to educate people about this fact, and also how this practice was unjust - as mainly BN people got the benefit of these monies, and that many of these monies may actually have been 'embezzled' for the benefit of the BN wakil rakyat and/or his family/cronnies.

- The Pakatan Rakyat must 're-educate' people as to the REAL role and functions of the 'wakil rakyat'. They have to re-define the relationship - and this must be done at all levels. Anwar, Kit Siang and Hadi must also talk about this. Education here may involve 'brain-washing' to liberate minds from wrong understandings of the relationship between the people and their reps..

- The Wakil Rakyat is not the source of 'donations' and 'trophies' - He is not the 'big man' who is to be invited to officiate all functions... (The 'wakil rakyat' is the peoples' representative...he is the worker of the people...the people are the boss, and the MP/ADUN are their servants - they are public servants...As such, what is needed is that there be more and more dialogues, for people to be able to vent their OPINIONS and VIEWS about things - not just their grievances.

- "Tell us your problem, and we will take care of it" - is not the kind of relationship that PR must encourage between its people and its reps.

- In fact, when people have problems, wakil rakyats should get the people to solve it themselves. Maybe, guidance as to where they should go, etc -- in short, wakil rakyat should empower people. Only, if there is a 'hitch', i.e. the relevant department is causing problems or creating unnecessary obstacles should the wakil rakyat intervene...

- The wakil rakyat is not and should never be the 'HERO" that solves all problems - but alas some Pakatan Rakyat people's reps are also still doing that. Empower the people to solve their own problems, by going to the relevant public authority/private company and solving it.

- 'Go back, do not worry, I will solve your problem...' is not what a MP/ADUN should be telling the people - but alas, that is what many are doing... they like to make the people dependent on them, and they are doing what the BN has been doing all these years..

In fact, maybe we should be writing a 'dos and and don'ts list for wakil rakyats...'

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