Tuesday, July 07, 2009

MAIDS: No problems in Hong Kong with off day (NST)

In Hong Kong, domestic workers get TWO(2) days off plus holiday entitlement to go home... interesting.

And, here we do not want to give even 1-day off per week....shame on you Malaysians...

A letter from NST:-

AS a visitor to Penang, I am shocked to read some of the comments and reactions to the plan to give Indonesian maids a day off each week.

Firstly, how many employers of maids work seven days a week all year round?

If you only work five or six days a week yourself, you should extend the same courtesy to those who work for you.

Secondly, how can you say that if they have a day off, they should be prevented from leaving their employer's home, as suggested by B.T. of Manjung ("Day off is good for them" -- NST, July 3)?

The idea that they will run off or become pregnant only demonstrates the conditions they are being forced to work in.

In Hong Kong, where I live, we have maids from the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

They all get one or two days off a week, plus holiday entitlement to go home.

None of the maids that I or my friends have used has ever run away or become pregnant.

At the end of the day, maids are people, too. If we treat them with some respect, knowing they are part of our household, then the trust will be returned. You may even come to regard them as part of your extended family, just as we do. - New Straits Times, 6/7/2009,
MAIDS: No problems in Hong Kong with off day


Robert Gan said...

Hong Kong does not have Indonesia construction workers.This maid are insitigated by Indonesia men or their husband who are working in construction.
During their day off, which normally falls on Sunday...where do they hangout...shopping malls or other man's bedroom...definitally not the mosque...Malaysia is not Hong Kong there is no comparison.

NST have idiots as reporter or they are listening to idiots.

jotan said...

How many illegal Indonesian are there in Hong Kong and how many in Malaysia ? Talk is easy, try to score political point again Charles ?

We know many against it not because we want them to work full time, so why are you trying to twist the facts ?

Pranom said...

The issue is domestic worker are worker so they are entitle to day off and other benefit same as you & me and as Other workers...that is the fundamental issue for us to keep in mind..
In every country included Hong Kong they are undocumented workers BUT that is not the issue ….
The reason from employer to not give day off because afraid they (mostly are women) will be hang out with undocumented workers is full of prejudice & discrimination based on class , sex especially it shows the attitude of discrimination against worker /women
Our society won’t be civilize where the member’ mind are narrow and trying to push down the poorer class & worker/ women in particular sector in to extremely dangerous conditions..Just because they do not enjoy day off and they work is not protected..
At the end of the day when we see the another abuses case.. That is not individual crime anymore because we are part of that abuse and exploitation!!!

FUNG KEAT said...

There are so much talk about off days and what knot for the so-called domestic helper. I think you foreigners and all those who strongly belief they should be given off-days to please study and go deeply into the various problems that the employers are facing before you comment. There is absolutely no comparison with countries like HK & Singapore. So buck up before you comment on something you practically know nothing about.

pink said...

So first if you are Indonesian domestic workers you are not deserve day off and other rights?

Second if you are foreigner in our country you cannot talk about rights for all workers?

What kind of society we are living in? Race-based prejudice, violence, discrimination ??

The relationship among employer and domestic workers are complicated because nothing clear on role, rights and responsibility in the law. Furthermore recruitment agency (licensed by Government) is the one really cause the problem not the worker.

Any problem employers facing should not be punishing by NOT giving one paid day off to domestic workers, they are workers and they deserve the paid day off and other rights & benefit as other workers..

yes said...

Well, the govt should be fair and make a reasonable ruling. If the employer is agreeable to the rules, then employ the maid , if not, no one force them to do so.

The problem is most of the employers are just a little bit better in education than the maids, so a large numbers are very selfish and thoughtless.