Sunday, November 15, 2009

Minister of Health's lack of response shows a lack of accountability - Death of Migrants in Detention Centres by reason of Leptospirosis

One of the biggest problem in Malaysia is the lack of accountability, transparency,

Is there any way which the 'rakyat' or others can ask questions of their government and get answers. Try sending letters to relevant Ministries, public authorities and/or Local Councils. Do they reply your letters? Do they give answers to your queries?

In Malaysia, the answer is generally 'NO'.

Some time back letters were sent to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health about the death of Burmese Migrants in Malaysia...together with the relevant Joint Statements... , 126 groups:- Death of 2 Burmese Indicative of State of Detention Places in Malaysia - Denial of Healthcare Is a Violation of Right to Life.

When the letter was sent, the statement was endorsed by 113 organisations/groups - now it is endorsed by 127 groups.

From the Minister of Health, there was not even a letter acknowledging receipt - and there was not even any answers. Money was wasted sending this letter by A.R. Registered Post, and there is no doubt whatsoever that the letter was received.

But, why no reply.... Can't we get some answers...

Must there be a public protest in front of the Health Ministry? How can we get responses from our Ministers...I hope that the response is only late in coming....

Or is an absence of a response indicative that it has fallen on 'deaf ears' and the Minister or his Minisitry and/or the Government has yet to take any actions.

This kind of lack of response, after a while, would result in Malaysians and others just not wasting time asking anything of the Ministers, Ministry and/or government for after all they do not even show the minimum respect to people by their total lack of response...

Was there any investigations done as to cause of the Leptospirosis - was it contaminated food/drinking water coming from the food providers, was it from within the camp? Did the Detention Camp have a problem of sick animals - like rats, etc? Has it been taken care of yet?

What about healthcare? If a person suffering from Leptospirosis was given prompt medical/healthcare he will most likely recover? So, with regard the deaths, an explanation for the delay and the deaths need answers?

Since then, there have been another 6 deaths by reason of Leptospirosis at the KLIA Detention Centre (See post:-LEPTOSPIROSIS CAUSES DEATH OF ANOTHER 6 BURMESE IN DETENTION IN MALAYSIA DENIAL OF HEALTHCARE IS A VIOLATION OF RIGHT TO LIFE)

There has also been death of 2 other Burmese from the Lenggeng Detention Centre. The Hospital in Seremban did not tell friends/relatives whether it was Leptospirosis or what disease. The hospital allegedly only told them that death was caused by disease... (See earlier post:- 2 more Burmese migrants die in detention. Was it Leptospirosis again? Would hygienic conditions and proper healthcare prevented these deaths?)

25th May, 2009

Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai,
Minister of Health
Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
Block E1, E6, E7 & E10, Kompleks  E,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,
62590 Putrajaya, MALAYSIA

Dear Sir,

Please find enclosed this Joint Statement of 113 organizations and groups, from all over the world, dated 23/5/2009, entitled “Death Of 2 Burmese Indicative Of State Of Detention Places In Malaysia - Denial Of Healthcare Is A Violation Of Right To Life”

This is our complaint and concerns brought about by reason of the recent deaths of 2 persons in the Juru Detention Centre, in Penang, Malaysia. The call is also for an improvement of hygiene and cleanliness in all detention places.

We also call for an improved healthcare policy and practice at all detention places, which we verily believe will certainly reduce the unnecessary loss of life and suffering.

We wish to state that the statement speaks for itself, and if there is need for further information and clarification, feel free to contact us [Charles Hector ( or Pranom Somwong (Bee) ( at 019-2371 300]

Kindly acknowledge receipt, and we would appreciate being kept informed of steps taken in response to this statement.

Thank you.

In solidarity,

Charles Hector                                 Pranom Somwong
For and on behalf of the said 113 Organisations/Groups

Lot 3585A, Kampung Lubuk Layang,
Batu 3, Jalan Mentakab,
28000 Temerloh,
PAHANG, Malaysia
Tel: 019-2371 300

At the same time, a letter was also sent to SUHAKAM (Malaysian Human Rights Commission), and they did reply...(2 died in Juru Detention Centre of Leptospirosis - The SUHAKAM response.

Ministers, Ministries, Government Departments, Local Councils, People's Reps should all have a duty to respond to questions and queries, and this must be done promptly...

Accountability - unless in Malaysia, there is no such thing as accountability of the government except if when it gets wide coverage in the that how Malaysia is?


telur dua said...

Where got time for such nitty gritty. He is too busy mounting a coup against OTK.

Put it another way, he is trying to do a Muhyddin on OTK.

nckeat88 said...

I think you are too naive. Try call a demonstration and see how many Malaysian turns up?