Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What we see is Parti UMNO - no more Parti Barisan Nasional? - The Sg Limau announcement of BN candidatec

I recently watched on TV the announcement of the Parti Barisan Nasional candidate for the upcoming Sg Limau State seat by election. The announcement was done by the Deputy Prime Minister, also the Deputy Chairman of the Barisan Nasional.

What was interesting was the absence of the leaders(or their reps) of the other Barisan Nasional parties like MCA, MIC, GERAKAN... 

In fact, in the opening of the speech, the DPM acknowledged the people present - and all were from UMNO - in fact no names mentioned of persons from the many other BN Parties (if I am not mistaken)

This makes one wonder whether Parti Barisan Nasional today is just 'Parti UMNO'? 

Or is the BN policy that if it is an UMNO candidate, then only UMNO will be there for the announcement of the BN candidate..odd

Then, I looked at the Barisan Nasional website and again we see the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary General are all from UMNO...

Normally, the Political Party also plays a role at monitoring the Executive (the PM and his Cabinet) but alas there seem to be no mechanism within the BN constitution to be doing this, and it also becomes difficult if and when the BN leadership is also the PM and the DPM.

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