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Wrong for Malaysia toeven further increase healthcare charges for foreigners - migrant workers? foreign spouse? students?

Malaysian constitution proudly proclaims equality for all persons, not just amongst citizens, and as such it is sad that Malaysia wants to charge foreigners so much more for heathcare in government hospitals/clinics - let's not forget so many Malaysians also go overseas or are overseas studying/working, and if they get sick or is involved in an accident would Malaysia also not want that they have access to healthcare facilities cheaply and at the same rate as the citizens in that country?

In Malaysia, we already charge foreigners 1st class rates at government healthcare facilities, for registration itself, they pay RM50 whilst Malaysians pay RM1. And, now this government wants to increase the charges even more.. seeMigrant Workers should not be charged 1st class rates at government hospitals in Malaysia

Foreign Spouses - people married to Malaysians, don't they deserve special consideration? Should they not be paying the same as Malaysians?

Migrant Workers - well Malaysia and employers in the country need them - so, is it justified charging them higher rates? I would say NO.

Now, is someone is sick...the priority is that they should go see a doctor and get treated. If too expensive, many of these foreigners will not be seeking healthcare, and would this not just endanger the general public, including Malaysians who live in close proximity with migrant workers, not just at the workplaces but everywhere.

When a foreigner meets with an accident, is it not human to treat them irrespective of whether they can pay or not?

When it comes to migrant workers, their healthcare should rightly be taken care by their employers - enact laws that makes this so. It is wrong to oppress workers with such already high rates for healthcare.

Lastly, these rates should really not affect migrant workers and/or students that are already here in Malaysia - maybe, for those who will come in the future, it may be alright - but I wonder how many migrant workers will want to come to work in Malaysia with such high heathcare rates? How many students as well?

Healthcare must be free for all - it is OK to have a higher fees for foreigners visiting Museums, Zoos and other 'touristy' places...

Subramaniam: Foreigners will soon pay actual medical costs

Subramaniam: Foreigners will soon pay actual medical costs
Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam - File pic 
PUTRAJAYA: Foreigners in the country will soon be paying the actual medical costs incurred by them at the government clinics and hospitals in the next few months, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam.

He said currently foreigners including workers and students who sought medical treatment at government clinics and hospitals enjoyed the medical subsidy of 30 to 40 percent.

He said the implementation of the actual medical costs would enable the government to save up to RM100 million annually which could be used to further improve the quality of health and medical services in the country.

"So, we are finalising on the cost and after it has undergone several processes including tabling at the cabinet and gazetting, we will implement it," he said at a media conference after attending the ministry's monthly assembly, here on Monday.

At the event, Dr Subramaniam also launched the ministry's official logo with the motto "Kami Sedia Membantu" (We Are Ready To Help) which will be adopted by all health departments, institutions, units and agencies besides in the correspondence and portal of the ministry.

He explained that in several European countries such as the United Kingdom, foreigners were required to have their personal medical policies, otherwise the patients concerned were forced to bear all their medical costs.

"For example, in the United Kingdom if you are not part of the national health care system, you have to pay the full cost and that is not cheap, very expensive," he said.

He also called on Malaysians to appreciate the health services contributed by the government which was providing a subsidy of up to 98 percent.

Meanwhile, Dr Subramaniam said a sum of RM1.9 billion was being allocated by the government this year (2014) for the development of government hospitals and clinics throughout the country including the construction of new additional blocks and upgrading works.

Story first published on: February 25, 2014 08:18 (MYT) - Astro Awani, 

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Unknown said...

As a foreign spouse of a Malaysian citizen I wrote a personal letter to the Health Minister 5 days ago, along with copying the Sun. I told him that I already pay double what my wife pays and that working for an NGO doesn't allow me insurance. I told him it is even a bigger burden on poor migrant workers. I said that it was both immoral and unethical to charge foreigners such rates while locals, even rich locals, pay hardly anything. I asked what that teaches their children that a government can pass on its debt burden to other people unfairly. I also told him this policy will actually NOT save an annual RM100 million because as costs get passed on and more foreigners will still need assistance, it will actually increase health care costs in the long run, not decrease it. As of yet I have received no reply from the MOH. They don't realize the burden it puts on my spouse, a Malaysian citizen, whom he claims to be protecting....