Sunday, January 21, 2018

Thailand - Walking 450 Km for Justice - Hope they succeed and no clampdown by Thai authorities?

There will always be RISKS - of arrest, detention, conviction, imprisonment but Human Rights Defenders 'foolishly' will still be willing to risk it all not for their own benefits but for the greater good of communities, nations and other persons to uphold the cause of justice. Struggling for justice is an obligation of ALL - not just a few... 
The 'We Walk....Solidarity' team walking towards Ayutthaya

The moment people stop standing up and acting for justice and human rights - the perpetrators of injustice and wrongs win... Many of us have become indifferent, and choose to play safe for the interest of ourselves and our families...and so, we may accept and survive in unjust environments ...hoping that we will be 'overlooked' and will be safe from the actions of violators of rights...well, that will not work...and such attitude dehumanizes us..we forget that we live in a community...and our inaction may ultimately be simply empowering the violators of rights, and causing injustice and wrongs to be visited upon others. An innocent by-stander in such a reality may be just as guilty as the wrongdoer..

In Bangkok, the 'We Walk For Friendship' initiative that was initially blocked by the authorities finally got on the way...but this morning, the authorities acted on some supporters...The walkers continue their long walk...and we will be monitoring...

Support for the walkers in this "We Walk for Friendship" action is getting a lot of support from the people through social media...Peole clicking 'LIKE" and giving encouraging comments in support is very helpful...about 200,000 views, likes and comments is very encouraging ...Yes, one may not be willing to come out and WALK - but you can certainly act by public encouragement through visits, 'Likes', comments an Shares...

People must ACT if they want change...inaction is not an option in the face of any injustice! 

Peaceful assembly Act prohibits 5 or more these walkers are walking in teams of 4(which is not illegal)...and apparently there are 3 teams of walkers.... 

For Live Updates -

Police stop “We Walk for Friendship” long march to Khon Kaen

A planned 450-kilometre long march from Thammasat University Rangsit Campus in Pathum Thani to Khon Kaen province to call for rights to natural resources management and democracy organised by the People Go Network was halted by police late Saturday morning (Jan 20).

The People Go Network (PGN), an umbrella organisation of social activists and academics working on health, natural resources, food security, and civil rights issues, was scheduled to launch the “We Walk for Friendship” long march from Thammasat University (TU) this morning.

However, they were stopped by riot control and Klong Luang police who set up barricades to prevent the group from moving out of the campus.

As of 4pm, the PGN core leaders, including the dean of TU’s Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology Anusorn Unno, were still negotiating with Pathum Thani police commander Pol Maj Gen Surapong Thanomjit to allow them to go ahead with the campaign.

Police said the campaign was against the public assembly law and was at risk of being intervened by ill-willed persons.

The group has been gathering at TU’s Phahonyothin gate as police officers set up cordon to prevent them from moving onto Phahonyothin road.

The PNG announced its plan to hold long march from Pathum Thani to Khon Kaen between Jan 20-Feb 17 to strengthen collaborations between local people, social activists, and academics working on health, natural resources, food security, community rights, and pro-democracy issues in the Northeast.
However, police believed the campaign is politically motivated and aimed to discredit the military junta as the group aimed to collect signatures from supporters along the way to Khon Kaen.

The long march participants hold sitting protest as police prevent them to march on.

TU lecturer and People Go Network leader talks to Pathum Thani police.

Police cordon at TU’s Phahonyothin gate. (Photo: People GO Network)

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