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Is Azmin, MB Selangor, Local Council responsible for 2 worker's deaths and children sick from ice factory ammonia leaks?

2 workers dead - but why no names of the workers revealed? Why was the name of the factory revealed? Is it a GLC (a government linked company), who did not apparently have the required permit to store hazardous chemicals like ammonia? Now, secondary school children affected...

Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) - were they responsible? Or were they simply interested in the collecting the monies for the required permits and taxes - but not so much whether the business had the required license/permits or compliance with regulations to ensure worker, community and environment protection?

MBSA, they are all political appointees, NOT democratically elected local Councillors? So, then should the blame lie with Azmin Ali(the previous Menteri Besar) or the current Menteri Besar....??

The MBSA would have approved the operation of that factory - and naturally, would also have the responsibility that the factory was "SAFE" not just for the workers, but also the community living in the area. MBSA should have checked to make sure that the factory had the required permit...and that all hazardous material were stored and handled in the right way. 

Now, we are told that the factory did not have the permit to store hazardous materials - surely the MBSA should have checked on this before allowing the business to operate... For many other small businesses, the local council do regular checks to ensure all is in accordance to least the required permits... 

An inspection by the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) at the ice factory in Section 36 here, where ammonia gas had leaked earlier today, found that the premises had a license to carry out ice processing activities, but was not permitted to store hazardous materials.
Of course, we know that ammonia is involved in ice factories - so, when did the factory start operating...who was the Menteri Besar then? 

If they were democratically elected, they may have been more concerned about the people...their safety, etc ...and the people of Shah Alam may be now asking for the immediate RESIGNATION of these Local Councillors...and certainly, their chances of being re-elected at the next local government elections would be slim...after the death to 2 workers, and sickness now suffered not just by workers but also children...

Of course, then there are the various Federal Ministries including the HR Ministry (that is supposed to ensure occupational health and safety). When was the 'last inspection' by the Ministry? Ammonia can result in corrossion of pipes, etc was it a comprehensive inspection....or was it ...??

The other Ministry may be the Ministry of Health, Ministry responsible for Environment...

Can the victims of this 'accident' also be able to sue the MBSA, the State government and the Federal government if they had been negligent in their duties? I believe that they should be able to... 

A democratically elected local council will logically be more responsible and competent...

Will the media follow-up to find out who was responsible....which government(local government, State government and/or Federal Government)...Which Ministry is responsible? OR will it simply be treated as an 'accident' ....and no one is responsible???

Workers are dead.... but where is the concern of the government? Has the ADUN or MP even visited the families of the sick and the dead...[Or maybe, we do not care because they may be MIGRANT workers...not Malaysians?] 

Was there CORRUPTION involved that resulted in non-comprehensive by responsible officers?

Will the ICE factory be taken action against by the Public Prosecutor for the deaths of 2 workers and the 'injury' caused to children?


Six secondary school students sick after inhaling ammonia gas

(File pix) Fire and Rescue Department team tending to a leaked gas tank at a nearby ice factory in Desa Latania, Section 36, Shah Alam recently. Bernama Photo
SHAH ALAM: Six secondary school students were hospitalised after they inhaled ammonia fumes from a leaked gas tank at a nearby ice factory in Desa Latania, Section 36, here this morning.

The students of Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan (SMJK) Chung Hwa, were rushed to the hospitals after complaining breathing difficulties and vomiting, which are symptoms related to toxic gas inhalation.

It is learnt that the students, aged between 15 and 17, are being treated at the Shah Alam Hospital here and Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang near here.

The school’s principal, Lim Peck Poh, has also instructed all students to return home following safety concerns.

Selangor Fire and Rescue Department operations management chief Alimaddia Bukri said a team from the Hazardous Material Unit (Hazmat) was deployed to the scene upon receiving a distress call from Lim at 7.04am.

“Checks showed the ammonia content reading in the factory and nearby areas was 40 parts per million (PPM), which is below the normal reading and still under control.

“There was no one at the factory, which is still closed due to the ammonia leak mishap on Monday.

“The situation is under control. We also learned that the school has been closed for safety reason,” he said, adding that the Hazmat team will remain at the scene to monitor the ammonia content readings.

It was reported last week that two workers, both Indian nationals, were killed following mishap at the factory, which is located in front of the school.

The victims died on the spot after they were believed to have inhaled the ammonia gas, which had leaked from a tank at the factory while they were conducting routine work.

A total of 18 workers were rushed to four hospitals here in the state for treatment.

Since then, the Shah Alam City Council has ordered the factory to temporarily stop its operation. - New Straits Times, 16/8/2018

Ice factory had no licence to store hazardous materials: MBSA

Selangor state Fire and Rescue Department and Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) personnel exit after a thorough inspection of an ice factory after an ammonia gas leak in Section 36 of Shah Alam on Aug 13, 2018. — Bernama
SHAH ALAM: An inspection by the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) at the ice factory in Section 36 here, where ammonia gas had leaked earlier today, found that the premises had a license to carry out ice processing activities, but was not permitted to store hazardous materials.

MBSA in a statement said it had ordered the plant to temporarily cease operations to facilitate personnel from the Fire and Rescue Department to neutralise the ammonia levels in the area.

"Fire and rescue personnel are on-site to carry out rescue work and are working to ensure that the plant and its surrounding areas are not contaminated with the gas.

"At the same time, the MBSA's quick response team is also on-site to assist firemen and the police to monitor the situation in the area," the statement said.

In the incident at 5.12am, two factory workers were killed while 18 others were injured after inhaling ammonia gas that leaked at the premises.

Meanwhile, Selangor Health Director Datuk Dr Khalid Ibrahim in a statement said that the confirmed number of factory workers exposed to the ammonia gas was 27 people, including the two who were killed.

Of the total, he said, 10 were incubated, nine were placed under hospital monitoring and six were allowed to go home and were taught the signs of ammonia gas poisoning.

"The effects of ammonia gas poisoning can be divided into three different levels, namely mild, moderate and severe. Signs of poisoning are headaches, coughs, nose and eye irritation, and drooling of saliva ... it also causes irritation and burns on exposed skin," he said, urging those who may be affected to seek immediate medical attention.

Earlier today, residents of Pangsapuri Seri Era located 250m from the ice factory had called on the government to relocate the plant to another area.

The apartment's resident committee chairman R. Ramasami said a similar incident had also occurred at the plant two years ago.

"The factory is very close to a residential and school area, and I am afraid that there will be more leakages (in the future), the lives of residents and school students will be at stake, so I hope the authorities will transfer the plant to a safer place," he said when met by reporters. — Bernama - The Sun Daily, 13/8/2018

Ammonia leak at ice factory: Two dead, 18 hurt 
SHAH ALAM: Two workers have died and 18 others were hurt after they were believed to have inhaled ammonia gas which leaked at a ice factory in Section 36 here Monday.

Section 15 Shah Alam Fire and Rescue station chief, Deputy Superintendent Azmel Kamarudin, said the two fatalities in the incident which occurred at 5.12am were believed to be Indian nationals and their bodies had been sent to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital (HTAR) in Klang.

However, their identities had yet to be ascertained, he added.

Azmel said the injured, also foreign nationals, were sent to several hospitals for treatment, with five of them sent to HTAR, Shah Alam Hospital (six), Sungai Buloh Hospital (three) and Banting Hospital (four).

“The two workers who died were believed to have inhaled the ammonia gas which leaked from a tank that was stored, while doing routine work.

“Those injured had breathing difficulties, vomiting and eye irritation due to the high ammonia content which was of 500 ppm (parts per million) compared with the normal reading of 50 ppm and below,” he told Bernama.

Azmel said that on arriving at the scene, the fire and rescue team, comprising seven officers and 10 members including some from the Hazardous Materials Management Team (Hazmat), also ordered residents within a 3km radius of the ice factory to vacate their houses and buildings.

A Chinese school located in front of the factory was also advised to close today for safety reasons, he said, adding that the ammonia gas leak was the second incident reported at the factory.

Meanwhile, Selangor Mentri Besar Amirudin Shari, in a statement, said the state government viewed the incident seriously and had instructed the Shah Alam City Council and the relevant quarters to take necessary action to ensure the safety of residents in the surrounding areas.

He also thanked the fire and rescue team for its rescue operations at the ice factory concerned. –Bernama - Star, 13/8/2018

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