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MPs paid too much but fails to attend even 90% of parliamentary session should just RESIGN?

The main duty of a Member of Parliament is to attend Parliament on our behalf, to listen and consider the arguement and points made by other MPs, to discuss and debate on behalf of the people and make dicisions on behalf of the people and VOTE... 

They stand for elections to be our Member of Parliament ...and then do not turn up for most of the Parliament sessions. Well, maybe Ministers and Deputy Ministers may have some justification for not attending all the sessions...because of their work as Cabinet members and Ministers...but then they should be there when matters concerning their relevant Ministries are being discussed...

But there are NO reasons why government backbenchers(those MPs not in Cabinet), and Opposition MPs to be absent from any parliamentary session. [Only good reasons would be 'sick leave' or maybe being summoned to attend at the police station, MACC or court...or maybe some other family emergency?

Attendance means attendance in the Dewan Rakyat - not attendance in the canteen or other places in Parliament.

What is the ATTENDANCE record of MPs? From the total hours of parliamentary session per day, how many hours did an MP attend? How many hours did the MP attend in a particular sesion of Parliament? Minimum attendance requirement must be at least 90%...

For those who cannot attend Parliament 90% of the hours, they should simply RESIGN - I am sure we can find better people who will be present more than 90% of the time...

ATTENDANCE information - this should be in the HANSARD - a list of MPs in  attendance at the start of the session should be noted. If an MP is not ini, it should be noted...if he/she returns, it should be noted.

ATTENDANCE - percentage of hours per day, should be recorded, and this information should be available at the Parliamentary website...

An MP gets a basic salary of RM16,000 - plus allowances, benefits, etc - note even an ordinary MP like Maria Chin gets an income(plus allowances) of about RM21,000. They get pensions and gratuity payable also to children after they die, not just only spouses...DISCLOSE IN PARLIAMENT WEBSITE all these monies/benefits MPs get...they get a lot, yet many do not even attend and/or participate even in Parliamentary proceedings 

HELLO - we are paying too HIGH salaries/allowances/benefits to MPs - and all the peoples' monies are wasted, if MPs are not in Parliament performing their duties? If a worker is absent 48 hours, it will be taken as the worker being, why are MPs not treated the same?

PH MPs should immediately resign if their attendance in Parliament (1st session and this session) is less than 90% of hours of Parliamntary sittings...

They are out there campaigning for PKR elections (or some party elections) or some by-elections is NOT an acceptable reason...

Every MP knows ahead the days that Parliament is sitting, no excuse for absence....

ALTERNATIVE GOVERNMENT ...NEW... and people watching live Parliamentary session is wondering about the poor turn-out of PH MPs...sama same like previous UMNO-BN? 

... Yang di-Pertua dan Timbalan Yang di-Pertua mengambil tindakan kepada semua Ahli Parlimen yang macam hari ini kita tengok not even 20 percent attendance sedangkan kita sedang bincang satu cadangan penting daripada kerajaan untuk semua. Datuk Seri Dr. Ronald Kiandee [Beluran]: Ya, ringkaskan Yang...Penyata Rasmi - 24 Oktober 2018 [Page : 110]

Presently, for Parliament to continue sitting, all that is required is 26 MPs....(out of 222 MPs), this is should be no less that 50% plus 1.  
According to Standing Order 13(1), at least 26 MPs was be present during Dewan Rakyat proceedings
Even in societies, if and when the attendance drops below the quorum ...the meetings should immediately stop and not continue...

PARLIAMENT discusses matters of great importance affecting the whole of Malaysia ...absurd to even continue proceedings when there are less than 50% (111) MPs present ...or is Parliament just a show...not serious?


Speaker: Normal to have low attendance in Parliament

Speaker Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof says it is too drastic to stop allowances of MPs who fail to attend Parliament. (Bernama pic)
KUALA LUMPUR: Speaker Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof today said it was normal for low attendance in Parliament as ministers and MPs may have other commitments to attend to.

Ariff was of the view that when debates go on until late, it would definitely not be possible to have 100% attendance.

“Everyone understands. Ministers have their own affairs to attend to in their offices.

“We are not like the Australian Parliament. Everyone is in one building and the ministry is probably just next door. The Parliament building is right in the middle and they can come to Parliament as fast as possible.
“Here, our ministers’ offices are in Putrajaya and they have other matters to attend to. We must think of this,” he told reporters after the launching of a book at Parliament building today.

Ariff was asked to comment on remarks by Awang Hashim (PAS-Pendang), who had voiced concern over the low attendance of MPs in the lower house.

Former prime minister Najib Razak had also raised the issue of an empty house as he debated the mid-term review of the 11th Malaysia Plan yesterday.

Ariff stated that at times, the house would be full and, at other times, there would be fewer people. He said this was the same with Parliaments in other countries.

“If proceedings go on until midnight, you don’t expect there to be 222 MPs in the Dewan Rakyat, do you?

“So long as there is enough quorum, that is sufficient. This is because what is debated in Parliament will be recorded in the Hansard,” he said, adding that what was more important was the issue raised, not the numbers.

On Awang’s call for a review of the allowances of lawmakers who fail to attend parliamentary proceedings with no valid reasons, Ariff said this was too drastic a move.

According to Standing Order 13(1), at least 26 MPs was be present during Dewan Rakyat proceedings. - FMT NEWS, 24/10/2018

3  Remuneration of Members of Parliament

(1) The remuneration of Members of Parliament shall consist of-
(a) in the case of a member of the Senate, a monthly allowance of eleven thousand ringgit;
[Am. Act A1491:s.2]
(b) in the case of a member of the House of Representatives, a monthly allowance of sixteen thousand ringgit.
[Am. Act A1491:s.2]
(2) Where a Member of Parliament is designated as Leader of the Opposition, he shall be entitled, in addition to the monthly allowance specified in paragraph (b) of subsection (1), to a monthly allowance of three thousand eight hundred and forty-six ringgit and fifty-nine sen. 


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