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应列新冠肺炎为职业病!51组织促修法保障员工 (cincainews) - 'New coronary pneumonia should be listed as an occupational disease! 51 Organization Promotion Law to protect employees'


51个工会和非政府组织促请大马政府将2019新型冠状病毒列为法定职业病。-Miera Zulyana摄-
51个工会和非政府组织促请大马政府将2019新型冠状病毒列为法定职业病。-Miera Zulyana摄-

该些组织区域代表发言人查尔斯(Charles Hector)强调,政府有必要修正1994年职业安全与卫生法令,以便让受到疫情影响的人,能获得政府给予适当的社会保护。





“我们呼吁马来西亚修正所有相关工人的社会保障法,以确保工人以及其家属能拥有适当的补救措施,特别是涉及死亡、因残疾影响未来工作能力或收入的情况下。” -

Rough Google Translation:-

New coronary pneumonia should be listed as an occupational disease! 51 Organization Promotion Law to protect employees

(Kuala Lumpur, February 2) 51 trade unions and NGOs urged the Malaysian government to list the 2019 new coronavirus as a legal occupational disease to ensure that all workers can receive public assistance in the event of an outbreak.

Charles Hector, the regional representative spokesman for these organizations, emphasized the need for the government to amend the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 to allow those affected by the epidemic to receive appropriate social protection from the government.
"We call on Malaysia and all employers to give priority to protecting the occupational safety and health of all employees." 
A joint statement issued by these organizations said that the government must exercise the powers granted by law to force employers to provide employees with a safe working environment, especially those employees who are engaged in important services or forced to live in employee dormitories, but it is not clear Whether his roommate has an infected person. 
The notice points out that the new coronavirus epidemic highlights the deficiencies of the current occupational safety and health law, and the workers ’social security law, so it ’s time to correct the relevant deficiencies.

"Therefore, we call on Malaysia to immediately list the new coronavirus as an occupational disease, especially diseases that can be infected in the workplace, on the way to and from work, and in staff dormitories. 
"We call on Malaysia to amend the social security laws of all relevant workers to ensure that workers and their families can have appropriate remedies, especially in cases involving death, disability affecting future work ability or income."-


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