Monday, June 29, 2020

RM2,700 salary will draw Malaysians to tough jobs, says MTUC(FMT) - Higher Minimum Wage for 3D jobs

WORKER's WAGES - Malaysia sadly has kept worker's wages low, and its current minimum wage of RM1,100 is simply too low given the current cost of living.

When workers complained, the then BN government politicians absurdly suggested that workers take a 2nd job > Does the government not respect workers' right to work 8 hours, rest 8 hours and enjoy family/social life for 8 hours. It was utter nonsense to suggest workers work more hours just to survive in Malaysia today.

When employers paid too low, many local workers simply could not survive --- and employers would have been 'forced' into paying a more JUST wage > but then the government stepped in to provide employers with 'cheap labour' in the form of migrant workers. 

Then, indirectly they created a propaganda that certain work were beyond local workers - i.e. the 3D work(Dirty, Dangerous, Demeaning) -- and it was then taken up by migrant workers.

Today, post-Covid, many workers are unemployed - and some politicians are trying to convince them to take up these 3D jobs 

One way forward to encourage Malaysian workers to take up these so-called 3D jobs is to increase MINIMUM WAGE for these jobs, maybe a minimum wage of RM1,500, or more realistically RM2,700.

YES - Malaysians minimum wages should be raised to RM2,700 reasonably especially for factories, plantations...owned by corporations employing more than 10 workers, who make annual profits exceeding RM500,000. 

For the smaller employers, the minimum wage could be lower - like sundry shops, small vendors/businesses, - where profit sharing with employees coulod be encoraged, say maybe 40% of profits should flow back to workers at least.

RM2,700 salary will draw Malaysians to tough jobs, says MTUC

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The government has announced a freeze on new intake of foreign workers until year-end.
PETALING JAYA: The country’s largest workers group has mooted a living wage of RM2,700 per month for workers in big cities to lure Malaysians to take jobs usually taken up by foreign workers.
Malaysian Trades Union Congress secretary-general J Solomon said the living wage is among the measures that the government and employers can take to ensure there is no labour shortage from a government freeze on the intake of foreign workers.

The freeze is aimed at ensuring that Malaysians can fill the vacancies.

The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers has voiced concern that a blanket ban could stifle the expansion of some industries.

However Solomon said: “If workers are paid better, and if working conditions improved, there will be no problem in getting locals to do the jobs foreigners usually work in.

“Thousands of Malaysians work dirty, dangerous and difficult (3D) jobs every day overseas, from Singapore to Australia to South Korea.”

Malaysians did not take up such work here because of low wages, poor working conditions and labour policies.

“We should work towards a living wage based on the costs of living in an area. For example, for those working in KL, Johor Baru and Penang, the basic take-home pay should not be less than RM2,000. Which means their gross pay should be at least RM2,700.”

Workers in the “3D” jobs should be employed full time rather than on contract and be accorded benefits such as EPF contributions, Socso protection, medical coverage and accommodation among others.

“The labour department should also be effective in their inspections and enforcing labour laws that protect the workers,” he said. The government could come up with incentives for employers to replace foreign labour with local workers.

However, the government should stop mollycoddling employers, Solomon said.

“They have reaped their just rewards from years of government help and benefits. and it is time to do their national service by helping the government to keep the unemployment rate low.”

“Covid-19 had shown the employers that without the workers, there is no factory or firm. Let a sense of humanity return. Top management salaries should come down and a ceiling set.”

Solomon also called for employers to stop union-busting, ensure a safe workplace, and that workers are adequately insured. - FMT, 28/6/2020

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