Monday, January 25, 2021

Malaysia Covid infection rate worse than Indonesia,Philippines, Bangladesh? Something wrong? Priority - Health or Business?

As Malaysian Covid-Cases continues to rise - it is extremely disturbing that our number of cases per million population is higher than Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, ...

Malaysia on 23/1/2021 had  5,536 per million population

Philippines -  4,635 per million population

Indonesia  3553 per million population

Bangladesh - 3208 per million population

Japan 2820 per million population

Source:- Worldometer on coronavirus -

During the 1st MCO, Malaysia successfully reduced the number of daily cases - and we moved into Recovery MCO..

But then, our numbers rose again - and this time Muhyiddin's Perikatan Nasional government's government policy and action may be flawed...

The new MCO - it is different from the earlier first strict MCO - as many workplaces have been given exceptions - even childcare/tadika are exempted..

This government through the Emergency Proclamation and the Ordinance that followed saw it fit to shut down Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies because of Covid-19, but failed to shut down all other really 'non-essential' businesses and establishment. 

Are the MPs and ADUNs health more important that ordinary workers...remember workers have no choice to stay home safe when their workplace is operational..

Personally - a total lock down for a period of 4 weeks would have significantly cut down the spread. But now, when workers go to workplace, and then travel home to their families - the RISK is being faced by the workers, the families and also their communities.

Some business establishments have yet to be allowed to OPERATE since March 2020 - not even during Recovery MCOs > and there must be direct government assistance to these businesses that are MOST affected.

Compared to Indonesia and Philippines, one would have expected the 'more developed' Malaysia would have a better success in dealing with Covid - and it was shocking to see that our infection rate per million population is higher that some of these countries.

A FASTER elimination of Covid is certainly the best for Malasia's and personal economy...

A bad policy and practice would only prolong the Covid-19 threat ..

How did Malaysian prisons get infected? Did they not subject new detainees to 14-day quarantine before they were introduced to the general prison population? 

What is happening - is it time for the PM and government to RESIGN to be replaced by a new PM and 'cabinet'?

Focus on PUBLIC HEALTH not business

A lot of monies were lost from the Malaysian government coffers through kleptocracy, corruption, abuses,... IS THAT WHY MALAYSIA DOES NOT ENOUGH MONIES TO HELP THE PUBLIC? Where is the monthly assistance to workers and other income earners - who have lost earning possibility, incomes, etc ..

Spike in workplace clusters worries health DG

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There were 80 clusters reported in manufacturing between Jan 6 and Jan 22, the health ministry said. (Bernama pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has expressed concern over the recent spike in the number of Covid-19 clusters involving workplaces.

He said a total of 350 new clusters were reported between Jan 6 and Jan 22, of which 225 or 64.3% were linked to workplaces.

Manufacturing-related clusters recorded the highest number of clusters with 80 clusters, followed by construction (53) and service-related (31), he said in a statement. A total of 28,477 people were confirmed Covid-19 positive from the clusters.

He urged all employers and their employees to work hand in hand in assisting the ministry to contain the transmission of the virus at workplaces by always adhering to stipulated procedures.

He said employers need to provide conducive residential areas for their employees and ensure that they always practise infection prevention measures including temperature and symptoms checks prior to entering their workplaces.

Employees must also avoid gathering in confined places, and observe physical distancing at all times. - Free Malaysia Today, 23/1/2021



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