Monday, January 01, 2007

Inform public about Rela men’s role (Star) - Opinion

Inform public about Rela men’s role

I REFER to Datin Nazirah’s letter, “Are Rela personnel trained?” (The Star, Dec 29).

I have been hearing a lot about the abuse of power by Rela personnel recently but was sceptical about the reports until I witnessed an incident myself.

During the recent police operation to nab illegal motorcycle racing on the Butterworth-Kulim xpressway, Rela personnel were stationed at traffic lights around a roundabout in Seberang Jaya.

I stopped at a red light junction and so did another motorcyclist. One Rela member immediately approached him and asked for his documents in the middle of the road!

When the motorcyclist hesitated, he was asked to move to the side and was forced to produce his documents.

Can Rela personnel check our documents in the first place? Must they be wearing uniforms all the time or there are undercover members?

It is about time the Government and the police started educating the public about this.


Seberang Jaya.

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