Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maybe 40,000 cases of dengue, and 100 plus deaths in 2008, and this year it is worse. Do not hide figures - just do more to erradicate Dengue..

I am shocked at the number of dengue cases in Malaysia last year, and also this year - and I wonder whether the government has been doing enough ....Remember, this is not H1N1, and is transmitted by mosquitoes, and the government can do a lot to ensure that there is less breeding opportunities for mosquitoes especially near human residences...

From what I see, they start fogging after someone has been hospitalized with dengue - too late....

Even grass is not cut properly - they only cut grass up to about 5 ft (or is it 3 feet) from the road... Why? Grass in all public spaces must be cut - and irrigation is also essential to ensure that water does not clog - and mosquitoes cannot breed. Regular fogging of certain areas will also help a lot...

2008 (until August 12) - 26,829 cases, and 62 deaths...

2009 (until August 12) - 28,127 cases and 67 deaths...

How many died in 2008? Maybe 100, maybe more (Why does our Malaysian government be transparent about this? Afraid that the tourism industry is affected...)

A total of 585 dengue cases with one death were reported from Aug 2 to 8, an increase of 17 cases, or three per cent, from the previous week.

The death involved a 32-year-old housewife who was a diabetic and lived in Taman Peringgit Jaya, Melaka Tengah, where two outbreaks with 13 cases had occurred this year, Director-General of Health Tan Sri Dr Mohd Ismail Merican said on Thursday.

He said the woman started having fever and joint aches on July 21 but only sought treatment at a private clinic five days later.

She was diagnosed as having respiratory tract ailment and warded at the Melaka Hospital on July 28 after her mother found her unconscious, he said in a statement here today.

Dr Mohd Ismail said the woman was suspected of having dengue haemorrhagic fever and meningoencephalitis, or infection of the meninges, and was confirmed as suffering from dengue the same day.

She died on July 29 due to complications from shock syndrome.

Dr Mohd Ismail said that from Aug 2 to 8, six states recorded an increase in dengue cases. They were Johor (64 per cent), Melaka (35 per cent), Pahang (29 per cent), Negeri Sembilan (21 per cent) and Sabah (17 per cent) and Selangor (eight per cent).

The accumulated cases for this year stood at 28,127 with 67 deaths compared with 26,829 cases and 62 deaths for the corresponding period last year, he said, adding that this represented a five per cent increase, or 1,298 cases.

Dr Mohd Ismail said that up to Aug 8, 27 hot spots were reported, four less than the previous week while nine localities were declared to be free of hot spots.

On chikungunya, he said 27 cases were reported, a drop of eight cases from the previous week and only Sarawak, Pahang and Johor showed an increase.

However there were no Chikungunya-related deaths so far. --BERNAMA, 13/8/2009, More Dengue Cases And One Death For Aug 2-6


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When all 'modern' western medicines have failed
Pray try green juice extracted from pounded papaya shoot and/or leaves as last resort
Especially when the platelet count is reaching its end tail
The traditional approach may serve as the long shot

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 140809
Fri. 14th Aug. 2009.

Ang Tan Loong said...

Dear Charles, you may also include this article in your blog published by malaysiakini.
From this, maybe you will have a better insight on the deplorable situation why dengue is on the rise, compared to our neighbor down south.