Thursday, August 13, 2009

Did the Malaysian police push 3 Vietnamese women out of the 11th floor window, killing 2? - Today, this is a question that many Malaysians may ask...

Did the Malaysian police push them out of the window on the 11th, we have to ask these kind of questions after what happened to Teoh. The police version of the 'truth' is no more sufficient - we need an independent independent assessment of what really happened..

3 Vietnamese women apparently 'jumped' or 'fell' or 'slipped' of the 11th floor - Logical or not? I do not think so...since what were they running from?

There seem to be no indication they were 'drug traffickers', for if so fear of the death penalty may be a reason for running...

Were they committing any offence when the alleged police raid happened? Nope .... some sex stimulant drugs found interestingly in the bags of the 2 that died. Questions. Was it planted later? Anyway, what is wrong with having sex stimulant drugs - In Malaysia, many seek out the 'tongkat Ali' and other sex stimulant drugs, and possession of these does not make you a criminal...or a 'prostitute'?

Did the 3 women from Vietnam have proper documentations? I believe so - and so, we wonder why these 3 Vietnamese tourist were even targeted?

For 1 women to climb out of the window in fear of the police ....and slip ....maybe - but for all 3 women to slip and fall from the 11th floor...mmm. The police can say anything - but will Malaysians believe them? No more..

There must be a proper public inquiry into the deaths of these 2 Vietnamese - and let's make sure that the police does not 'tamper' with the surviving Vietnamese witness...

The inquiry must be conducted by an independent body - not the police...(but alas, we still do not have that IPCMC)

1 - Was the raid an authorized raid?
2 - What was the basis of the raid?
3- Was the raid VDO-taped?
4 - Were the police personnel wearing uniforms? ( Why - because if you are 3 women alone in an apartment - and suddenly the door is opened/broken down, and in rushes some strange men shouting in a language you do not understand - you may very well panic, and flee possible rape, sexual assault, robbery, murder, etc ...and may try to escape through the window...)
5 - Were the warnings given in Vietnamese?

One of the three Vietnamese women who fell from the 11th floor of an apartment in an attempt to escape a police raid on Tuesday has survived despite having severe fractures.

The 25-year-old woman is in stable condition at the Penang Hospital.

The three were believed to have been involved in vice activities and police recovered pills, believed to be sexual stimulants, from the bags belonging to the two who died.

The women, aged 23 and 33, died on the spot after they slipped while climbing out of the apartment unit in River Road here through a window and landed some 30m below.

Their bodies were found in a pool of blood in the open space at the apartment block while the woman who survived landed in a garbage bin in the 9.50pm incident.- Star, 13/8/2009, Vietnamese woman survives 11-floor fall

Just because you are young woman from Asia traveling with other young women, you must be involved in vice - is that not prejudice? Wonder how many raids there have been on apartments where there are groups of young single American, Australian, European women...?

And, if you have condoms and sex-stimulant pills, then you MUST be sex workers - is that not prejudice?

Newspapers must also be careful in their reporting - use the word 'alleged' when reporting about things that police is alleging. Remember that all is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty...


Unknown said...

how much more?

we have turned into a nation of murderers, our silence and inaction implicates us just as much as the ones that commit this heinous crimes.

sol amano said...

hell-o, which school did go to or did you ever go to school at all?