Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mutual Respect: : Let us stop refering to Indonesians as 'Indons" . it is an offensive term

Mutual respect is needed by both Malaysians and Indonesians. Unknowingly, many of us have been very disrespectful in our calling of Indonesians - "Indons". They do not like it at all.

I was recently reprimanded by an Indonesian friend when I used the word, 'Indon'. She angrily told me that for Indonesians, that term is derogatory. She said that we should just call them Indonesians. 'Do not call us 'Indons' .

Our government also said that it will stop using that term - but alas some of newspapers still use that term...

I just did some research on this, and true enough what she said was true.

An offensive term used by Malaysians. It is even used by the government, signifying the biased opinions of the Malaysian Government. Used in the same context as 'nigger', offensive only if used by Malaysians.

"I'm jealous of those rich indons" - Malay person. - Urban Dictionary
In fact, the Indonesian government has also formally requested that Malaysians do not use the term 'Indon' anymore.

AND the Malaysian government have also called on every one to stop using the term, 'Indon'
Malaysian Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said he had called on Malaysian citizens and media not to use the term 'Indon' for Indonesia. "I have made an appeal to the Malaysian media and people not to use terms which could slacken the relations between Malaysia and Indonesia which have been good so far," the Malaysian Minister told ANTARA on the sidelines of a conference of ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information (AMRI) here on Thursday. He said Malaysia understood that the use of the word 'Indon' hurts the feelings of the Indonesian people so that on Wednesday he called on the Malaysian public not to use the term. "We only provided directives and would not take sanctions against those who still use the term 'Indon'," he said. He said that there were a lot of non-obligatory but firm advices that were applied in social intercourse in Malaysia. "If they violate the directives we will summon them and remind them again," Datuk Zainuddin Maidin said. - Antara News, 24/5/2007, MALAYSIANS TOLD TO STOP USING 'INDON' F0R INDONESIANS

""Indon politicians in bitter dispute,"" read the headline of a widely circulated Malaysian newspaper. ""Najib: Don't abuse Indon workers,"" read another. A third headline in The New Straits Times read, ""INDONESIA: Advertisers desert Indon playboy,"" while Starbiz wrote, ""Telekom wins bid for Indon celcom"".

The term Indon, referring to Indonesia or Indonesias, has become more popular among Malaysian people, whether it is used as an insult or not.

Indeed many Indonesians living in Malaysia feel extremely irritated when the term ""Indon"" is aimed at them, particularly when it is used in a scornful tone. They have complained to the Malaysian government regarding this.

Why should Malaysian people continuously use this term when referring to Indonesian nationals? Should Indonesians simply accept this? If not, what should they do?

It is interesting to observe how major newspapers in Malaysia (some of which are published in Singapore) are willing to introduce such a derogatory term in addressing their neighboring nation. - Jakarta Post, 1/10/2007, Should we retaliate by calling them Malokai?

Sementara itu, Hamka mengatakan di Indonesia, istilah 'Indon' tidak pernah digunakan oleh rakyat Indonesia sendiri.

"Walaupun Indon hanya istilah, rakyat Indonesia menganggapnya sebagai martabat, harga diri dan identitas sebagai satu bangsa yang berdaulat. Oleh karena itu, kami minta rakyat Malaysia memahami dan menghormati perasaan rakyat Indonesia sebagai rekan yang berkongsi budaya, agama serta sejarah sama," ujar Hamka. - Antara News


francis ngu said...

In the reality of geopolitics, Malaysia will in a decade or two be under the Indonesian sphere of influence, given a growing economy (mark no recession) of a population almost 10 times that Malaysia.

Their democracy and the promises of the Indonesian Reformasi ahead of us, have won them international accolades and investors' confidence. In contrast we are lost
in the wild mesh of Ketuanan thinking, cow-headedness, what-not scandals.

The prevailing arrogance is now earning us the wrath of a neighbour which has contributed much to our economy by supplying labour. Let us send them a bouquet
of appreciation and friendship.

Even China calls Indonesia respectfully as IN DU NE SIA, in 4 characters, a much harder exercise than us using the alphabet. For the shared culture, at least we can beat china for once in being best friend and neighbour of the Republik Indonesia, its rightful name.


asqaf ventures said...

Saya tak faham mengapa perkataan indon tidak boleh dirujuk kepada orang-orang dari Indonesia! Bukan kah itu satu perkataan pendek bukan menghina. Di Indonesia sendiri suka menggunakan akronim-akronim.Mengapa terlalu sensitif ...kita jangan terlalu ikut kata mereka..perkataan INDON bukan menghina....