Sunday, September 13, 2009

Police can really avoid shooting them dead if they want to... A case of shot in the leg and arrested.

If the police, want to they can shoot people in the legs, etc....and arrest them. There really is no necessity of shooting them dead.

Man shot for threatening police with parang

KUCHING: A 38-year-old man was detained on Thursday after he evaded being checked by police.

A police car was patrolling along Batu 5 along Jalan Penrissen when they asked a Proton Wira driver to pull over.

But the man just drove away, prompting the police to give chase.

Somewhere along the way, a male passenger got off the Wira. Police went on pursuing the Wira.

Subsequently, more police cars joined in the pursuit as the driver headed towards Jalan Stapok Utama.

There, the suspect lost control of his car and crashed into a monsoon drain.

As police tried to apprehend the suspect, he wielded a parang threatening the police officers.

Police fired a warning shot but the man ignored it.

The police then shot the man’s leg.

After that, the suspect was taken to Sarawak General Hospital (SGH).

Police discovered three laptop computers, a mobile phone, and a ‘parang’ in the car apart from a car plate number, which the police believed belonged to another car.- Borneo Post Online, 12/9/2009, Man shot for threatening police with parang

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Some of the more recent shoot to kill incidents that got reported in the media, and came to my attention..

24/8/2009 - Star, 24/8/2009, Four Indonesian robbers killed by police

21/8/2009 - Star, 21/8/2009, Two robbers shot dead in Klang

11/8/2009 - - Star, 11/8/2009, Four wanted Indonesians killed by police

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KoSong Cafe said...

Very obvious that 'shoot to kill' saves the police a lot of trouble of having to prepare for a court case and be subject to cross-examinations, and when unsuccessful in prosecution, gets the blame, etc. etc.

Furthermore, a few other cases can be attributed to the deceased.