Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cow Head Protests - were they all charged? If not, why?

Cow Head Protests - were they all charged? After all, we do have the Malaysiakini videos and other photo/vdo documentation of the event.

Or were just a few charged? Were they selectively charged to show that there were UMNO, PAS and PKR members involved in the protest....

Maybe Malaysiakini or some other journalist could tell us who were not charged?

As stated earlier, if they are to be charged, they should be charged under s. 298 or 298A of the Penal Code - not for illegal assembly or sedition. See earlier post:-Cow-Head Protest - They must be charged under section 298 and/or 298A of the Penal Code NOT for illegal assembly ...not under the Sedition Act

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When people are expecting court justice
Don't be surprised if you get court jester
Right from the start there's prejudice
How can we expect to get the best and fairest court tester

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