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Peceful assembly on Saturday to protest the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011

The whole idea of a protest or peaceful assembly is to raise awareness, gain support ...etc, and that is why people come out beside streets and where the public are for these actions - but the Malaysian BN government seem to want them to protest in closed halls, stadiums, etc  - and  this is like staying at home and protesting. The purpose of protest is show all Malaysians...the world that a lot of people (or some people) have something to say and they want others to know... (What's the use of gathering in numbers in closed halls and use because the people there are already convinced and support the cause...?)
This right should be a right of citizens/persons in Malaysia - not something that we need get police permission for...

Well, many will ask why we have to do this - could we not just get our voices heard through media statements, etc (well, the problem is that Malaysian media is so controlled that they just do not cover press statements, etc --- and even when they do, it is filtered and watered-down and you do not get your voices heard...). Recently over 115 civil society group issued a media statement against the proposed amendments to the labour law & stating their position that Labour Suppliers should never be made employers - but alas, did anyone see this in the Malaysian newspapers, or hear about it on the radio or see it on TV...No, they did not...  Then there was a massive protest by MTUC at 18 different locations all over Malaysia which saw about 10,000 persons participating - again there was almost no mainstream media coverage or discussion of the reasons for the protest...TV? Radio? Today, in Malaysia unless you get tens of thousands of people to protest in Kuala Lumpur - you just do not get media coverage or attention of the government...

What about Parliament? Well, the problem is that all BN MPs are 'required' to vote in favour of government Bills and positions, and they do not have the freedom to vote freely after listening to the debates... so, many Opposition MPs just get frustrated by this... Worse, there is no live telecast of Parliamentary proceedings - so even the Malaysian public does not hear the arguments - and of course, the report in the media of Parliamentary proceedings is limited to sometimes half a page - also containing not what the objections and arguments are but just what the government has to say...We really need more transparency....but the BN government is not likely to do this.

Before this right to public protest and peaceful assemblies is almost completely extinguished if this new Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 becomes law...there is some talk that there may be a big peaceful protest in Kuala Lumpur this Saturday...

We were fighting for the removal of all the existing laws that suppressed freedom of assembly - but this BN government just go ahead and create even more obstacles to freedom of assembly...

Civil society groups, some of which members of the Bersih 2.0 rally in July, have vowed to strongly campaign against the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011.

Known as the Kempen Kebebasan Berhimpun (Freedom of Assembly Campaign or KKB for short), the campaign kicked off with a small demonstration in front of Parliament today.

NONEBut the group is expected to draw a bigger crowd when it brings its cause to KLCC at 2pm on Saturday.                       
Dubbed the ‘Malaysians Can Walk Freely’ campaign, this event seeks to gather citizens in a walk through KLCC park.

“You dont have to bring any placard or banner. Let's show the police how we can demonstrate anytime anywhere with the simplest preparation - we will just wear yellow.

“If you want to make your message clearer, bring a Malaysian flag. The flag represent our freedom,” said campaign coordinator Wong Chin Huat (top, in yellow shirt).
Reclaiming fundamental rights
Wong said freedom of assembly is a fundamental right for all Malaysians and there was no need for policing such a right.

“We just need the police to maintain order and direct traffic. Demonstrators should inform the police for mere purpose of coordination, not for permission.

“We will stand and walk in the park, breathing free air. Yes, freedom is really about being where you want to be. It's so simple. Be ourselves and we will already be demonstrating,” he said.

KKB has also scheduled a candlelight vigil at Dataran Merdeka on the same day. It will kick off at 8pm, while a public forum on the matter would be held on Nov 29 at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

Wong said Malaysians in four Perth, Tasmania, London and Hong Kong are also planning similar campaigns.

The Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 has been widely criticised by human rights groups, including the government funded Human Rights Commission (Suhakam), and Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

It was argued that the Bill seeks to provide the police and the home minister more powers and banning street demonstrations altogether.

The first round on Dewan Rakyat debates on the Bill will kick off on Tuesday.- Malaysiakini, 24/11/2011, Civil society to campaign against Assembly Bill

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