Saturday, January 07, 2012

Enough of BN - time for an alternative government

Let's us not forget that the primary goal is to end the rule of the Barisan Nasional in Malaysia - it is time for us to have an alternative government formed by the Opposition political parties...

Let's us also be clear that many Malaysians only take the position of being pro-BN or anti-BN....

One argument against ending the BN rule was that our Malaysian Opposition parties just did not have the capacity to rule... only to be Opposition..BUT now after 2008, we have clear proof that the Opposition parties have the capacity to rule and govern effectively States like Penang, Kedah, Selangor... (despite attempts of 'sabotage' by the BN Federal in the form of money flow, etc ... to States, etc). Kelantan has long been effectively governed by the Opposition but many considered it as 'insufficient' proof of the capacity to govern. Today - it has been proven.

Do we have to worry about who will be the 'new' Prime Minister now if and when Barisan Nasional is defeated - I think not. Should Anwar be the Prime Minister? Should it be Hadi? Should it be Kit Siang? Should it be N Surendran? Again, I say it is not the time to think of such things.... Let Barisan Nasional be defeated first - and then we will decide on who will the PM. (Remember also that a 'bad' PM can at any time be removed - i.e. the moment he loses the confidence of the majority of MPs....)

* Personally, I believe that even when the Opposition wins, maybe it be best that their existing leadership, be it Anwar, Hadi or Kit Siang or others not be the new Prime Minister - I am sure that there will be other more acceptable choices...Remember, what we want is the promised reforms - so hopefully the Opposition parties or personalities understand this and it is not about who gets to be PM?

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charleskwi said...

Yes it is agreed that it is time to have the deceitful and corrupted Umnoputras kicked out of Putrajaya. At any cost ? The very thought that this lusty Anwar or mad dog LKS may become the P.M. is a night mare. Although Anwar as a result of the pending guilty verdict for his sodomy would disqualify him to be the P.M.. Remember every inch of this man is a reflection of Umno, his promiscuously, his endless supply of funds to keep him living in luxury is a reflection of a typical corrupted Umnoputra.
The only thing that did not happen was an invitation he was waiting for when he came out of prison. That was also the sole reason he took so long to become the leader of the opposition. So many of his ex-colleagues too wanted to become the P.M. and as a result they never invited him back to lead Umno. His hopes and dreams to lead Umno and thus to become the P.M. are dashed. He even tried to make peace with his ex boss when his aspiration to become the P.M. became unattainable.
As for the mad dog LKS, what has he done for the people in Malacca in the years that he was representing them before jumping to Perak just so he is able to continue making empty promises.