Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Live telecast of Parliamentary proceedings - if not TV then at least through radio

When will this happen - so that we really will be able to follow what is happening in Parliament.

There is no need for editing ...or interviews...or even commentary - just transmit the CCTV recordings, which is now available in the lobby and canteen in the Parliament building straight to the homes of Malaysians - to their TV (and if not their radio sets).

We have a right to see (or at least hear for ourselves) what is happening in Parliament - that will allow us to see if our MP is even present in the Dewan, and whether he is participating in the debate. Is he/she asking questions or making good points for and on our behalf.... They make a lot of promises to get voted - and then there is silence ....

It is sad that parliamentary reports in the media is so lacking in quantity and quality - and most of the time we only get what the government is saying.. We are really more interested in the debate - the points for and against and the decisions...

Why are Malaysians being deprived of this basic right - why are we being kept in the dark?
Will a new alternative government be any different - we must make sure that it is... and that they will be open and transparent with the people. 

Can the Pakatan Rakyat and the Opposition parties promise that we will get live coverage once they voted into power?

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