Sunday, January 13, 2013

Monthly allowance for all elderly (warga mas), not just military veterans without pension

This BN government is only concerned about the 'PESARA", being the pensioners - nay the former civil servants under the pension scheme (not even those who opted for the Employee Provident Scheme on the government's suggestion and prompting)..

Pensioners, and when they pass away, their spouses normally receive monthly pensions of about RM1,000 or more until they pass on. This certainly helps them to continue to survive in Malaysia, where cost of living is continuously on the rise...[Being able to depend on children to take care of you in your old age is no more like it once used to be... ]

There must be provisions put in place that will ensure that the welfare of all 'golden citizens' (Warga Mas), nay all the elderly in Malaysia (noting that there are many undocumented Malaysians and also spouses, etc. We do not need this once in a blue moon handouts of RM500.... What we need is to put in place a scheme that will respect their dignity, and assist these contributors to the development of Malaysia...

What is proposed?

* RM500 monthly payments to be paid directly into their personal bank accounts, which shall be discontinued when they pass on. Excluded from these scheme would be the 'Pesara', and those that still do earn monthly income exceeding RM1,250.[This monthly payment shall be reviewed from time to time to ensure that monies provided is sufficient to live decently]

* Free universal health care 

* Special discounted rates on all public transport, including taxis

* Special discounted rates for electricity, water, telecommunication, internet and television rates
Who should be entitled?

All persons over 55 years old 

Now, Pakatan is saying that miliitary veterans without pensions would be provided with monthly allowances - but this is not enough. Take care of the welfare and well-being of all elder persons - above 55 years old.

"Veterans who have ended their service with the military without receiving pension would receive a monthly allowance if Pakatan Rakyat captures Putrajaya in the next general election, said PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli."If Pakatan comes into power, we will give priority to veterans. For those who have ended their service and are without pension, Pakatan’s manifesto committee is considering a monthly allowance that we can give them from Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT). - Malaysiakini, 11/1/2013, Pakatan offers monthly allowance for veterans

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