Friday, January 18, 2013

Would the Malaysian Court order Najib arrested for corruption? A power that needs to be there in a true democracy

Will the Malaysian Courts order the Prime Minister of Malaysia arrested? Would the law make the Prime Minister and/or Ministers liable for actions during their term of office for corruption, abuse of power or wrong doings not in the best interest of Malaysians? Our government has entered into various agreements, almost all with any prior referral to the people or the getting of the people's endorsement vide maybe a referendum...do they even bring these proposed agreements to the Parliament to be debated and voted on by the elected people's representatives?

The law need to be amended to enable people the right to commence actions against former (or even sitting) Prime Ministers, Menteri Besars, Local Council ...

Pakistani Supreme Court orders arrest of prime minister in corruption case

By Nasir Habib and Jethro Mullen, CNN
January 16, 2013 -- Updated 1208 GMT (2008 HKT)
Supporters of Canadian-Pakistani cleric Tahir ul Qadri protest in Islamabad, Pakistan, on Tuesday.
Supporters of Canadian-Pakistani cleric Tahir ul Qadri protest in Islamabad, Pakistan, on Tuesday.

Islamabad (CNN) -- The Pakistani government came under attack from two angles Tuesday as the Supreme Court ordered the arrest of the country's prime minister and a rowdy anti-government rally took place near the national parliament.

Even by the standards of Pakistan's often turbulent politics, it was a stormy day that ratcheted tensions ahead of national elections later this year.- CNN, 16/1/2013, Pakistani Supreme Court orders arrest of prime minister in corruption case

In Malaysia, sadly we may not have such a strong and independent Judiciary... in fact, in Malaysia, it is sad that the BN government's position have been that if we win the General Elections, then we have the POWER and the MANDATE to do anything - There is no need for going back to the people to get the people's approval for this and that.... Do not question...'LISTEN TO ME'... do not criticize - we know what is best for the people...

So, let us make laws that make it difficult for people to come together and discuss issues...or even have a peaceful assembly to express a view....


Xavi Salas said...

Charles: Just because a Pakistani court order the arrest of Pakistan's PM for alleged corruption does not in any way suggest democracy is flowering in Pakistan. If you place this move in the context of contemporary Pakistan politics, you'd admit that the court's move has little to do with justice and its preservation of the rule of law; it is most probably a politically-inspired move since judges in Pakistan have been fiercely opposed to any regime since the murder of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. In fact they've been keen to get Asif Zardari, the Pakistan president, who's criminal corruption is well known and whose legitimacy is zero. But he keeps the military in his pockets, who in turn protect him from prosecution or a coup. Now, ask yourself: what kind of democracy exists in Malaysia, and since when? And if true democracy exists anywhere, even in the USA, France or Great Britain.

Bala Pillai said...

The values we should be seeking are flow values. Undescribable in words but you'll spot it when you feel and see it. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID0kgP9IVhs

Central to it is spontaneous and random acts of love and kindness. They go along with transparency and duty of candour. That folks should ordinarily be ready to defend their name against accusations. A non-negotiable if you are in public positions because you are a role model.