Saturday, May 18, 2013

Selangor ADUNs - serve the people - and do not be distracted by desires for personal enrichment, power, etc...

I am a bit disturbed about what is happening with Selangor, especially with the PKR State Assembly persons...

First, there was this perceived alleged fight for the Menteri Besar position, apparently between Azmin and Khalid - but why? He said Khalid was a 'lame duck'....but then, I do not remember any specific criticisms from Azmin about the Khalid administration of Selangor. Have you?

The next Mentri Besar of Selangor should not be a “lame duck” who allows himself to be led by others, said PKR deputy president Azmin Ali.- Star, 9/5/2013, GE13: Azmin Ali not giving in, says MB should not be "lame duck"

Remember, that it is Pakatan Rakyat, i.e. DAP, PAS and PKR, and whoever is the Menteri Besar, he still must be 'led by others' - i.e. he must act in accordance to the direction of the Pakatan Rakyat...and more importantly the people of Selangor. We do not want a MB, who will just act in accordance of what he wants, who does not listen to the people.

If a Menteri Besar (or the Prime Minister) is doing things wrong, then rightfully criticisms must be levied against him and his State cabinet. In the State Legislative assembly, this role falls not just to the Opposition but also the Back Bencher's Club, being ADUNs(State Assembly persons) of Pakatan Rakyat that are not in Khalid's cabinet. Since, Azmin seems to be the biggest critic of Khalid, he should not accept any position in Khalid's State cabinet but should maybe be a Back Bencher - maybe even the leader if the rest of the PR ADUNs chose him.

We want greater transparency and accountability. Transparency - that means that the 'failings' of the MB and his cabinet must be publicly revealed and responded to. We do not want a 'BN Style' State Assembly, where MPs/ADUNs are GAGGED and disallowed from voicing viewpoints criticizing or different from the what the State MB and EXCO are doing. Why did Azmin Ali fail to do this? Why is he not giving us specifics? We, the people have a right to know...yes we have a RIGHT to know.

Then, recently I read a Malaysiakini report....and doubts crept in as to whether all this is really about power and money....not so much about matters for the best interest of the State and the people. Is it really all about positions - not just in the State Exco but maybe also the State-owned and linked companies. Is it about Directorships? Is it about awarding contracts to 'cronies'...or the appointment of cronnies?

"In the 14th general election, we hope to have more solid back up from the government-linked companies and government networks, which are now not giving much support," Zuraida said. - Malaysiakini, 17/5/2013, PKR pushes for greater control of Khalid's admin
What is Zuraidah talking about? Should not the concern be about getting more solid support from the people? 

What is more solid back up from the government-linked companies...and government networks? What do they want? More money and support from these companies and 'networks' - surely this is something that BERSIH would say is wrong. No one should use government...anything to get more support for political parties or for the purposes of securing election victory in GE14 - this is wrong and would be an abuse of power...{Remember, this is something that we are all angry BN is doing...}

"..government-linked companies...and government networks...", the key word being government should not be used for the purposes of securing victory of Pakatan Rakyat in GE14. Government resources are for the people and the State only.....[Maybe PR needs to be thinking about 're-education' sessions for some of its elected reps - reminding them again that all that they should be doing is serving the people...not enriching themselves, their families and/or their cronies...or 'strengthening' themselves politically using their powers/influence in the government or government linked entities. Have we really chosen the correct candidates with the correct values and principles?]

As I did mention in an earlier postings, maybe as a matter of policy any MB, State Exco member or ADUN of a State chosen and appointed as a Director or CEO of a government linked company or entity should not be paid additional allowances or maybe travel allowances, reimbursement of 'out of pocket' expenses... [Appointed as a Director, getting monthly Director's allowances of RM10,000 or RM50, a problem]. 

First, there must be a reduction and a limit placed on Director's Allowances and CEO pays in government owned and linked companies. These monies, should be either transferred to the State coffers or back into the companies income. Save money for the benefit of the people. For sure, Director allowances must never exceed the basic pay of an ADUN, and CEOs should never be paid more than the Menteri Besar. 

Secondly, maybe no State Exco member should be made a Director of any company - surely they have enough work in the portfolio they hold.

Third, Pakatan Rakyat won the election, and as such maybe there should be an Independent Pakatan Rakyat body(ies) set up to monitor each and every government owned and/or linked company in the State. Maybe, Azmin (the perceived most vocal critic of Khalid) should be here....

REMEMBER, we do not want another 'Barisan Nasional' or similar style of government...

The government serves the people, and all must be done for the best interest and benefit of the people - not for personal or political party enrichment of any kind.

At PRU13 [GE13], the people voted you in and all you need to do is serve the people... 

P.S. - Some say that Azmin now wants to be the number 2, the Deputy Menteri Besar - well, that really would be up to Khalid who has the right to chose his Exco. But, logically the number 2 may be best a person from DAP or Pas, being parties that also won more seats than PKR and certainly would be better placed to monitor the PKR MB for the good of Pakatan Rakyat.


Now greater monitoring, and ensuring greater transparency and accountability of the Menteri Besar and the government is and has always been the duty of all people representatives, remembering always that their FIRST duty is always to the people - not their MB, government, political party...

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