Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has promised that his Penang state government will be fair to all citizens of the state, even those who have supported BN during Sunday’s election.
Guan Eng, who was sworn in earlier today to start his second term as Penang’s CM, said that the Penang Pakatan Rakyat was grateful to the people for proving that money politics cannot buy over the political allegiance of Penangites.

NONE“Clearly Penangites valued a government that performed and delivered over the last five years much more than those who only appeared during the last five days of the campaign to buy votes,” he said in a statement.

“Pakatan will not follow BN’s racial games of bashing the Chinese voters and make the Chinese community scapegoats for BN’s loss. Instead, Pakatan will treat all Penangites fairly regardless of race, religion and political background,” he further added.

He said that all of Pakatan’s state assemblypersons will declare their assets annually, and this will be certified by an accounting firm.

Pakatan Rakyat won 30 out of 40 state seats in Penang on Sunday, gaining one more seat compared to the 2008 election results.

It also saw a rise in popular vote in the state, obtaining 66 percent of the popular vote in the state compared to 63 percent in the 2008 election.- Malaysiakini, 7/5/2013, Guan Eng promises to be fair to BN supporters