Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fathers and brothers cannot attend netball tournament daughter/sister is playing in?

Well, the rules and regulations are generally fixed by the organizers - so they can even have rules like all spectators must dress in orange, etc.

But, this not allowing male spectators is maybe too much. From a family perspective, now father and male brothers also cannot be present cheer on their sister who is playing - is this right?  As I mentioned earlier, it is the organizers decision...and the organizers need to re-think such rulings - it is certainly going against family values...I am sure players would like their family and friends to come and support them in well.

Female spectators only ruling is with regard this specific tournament - not yet a general law/policy concerning all women sporting events.

But, the organizer is the State government - so, is this what the people of Kelantan want? Were they consulted? 

Players wearing proper dressing covering their aurat seem to be inadequate -  “Although female athletes cover their aurat (while playing netball), since netball involves active movements, we are worried that such movements will reveal their aurat,” - what do you think about this?


'Male spectator ban based on positive response'


The Kelantan state government today said that the state’s move to ban male spectators from a netball tournament next month was based on the prior positive response it had received.

Its youth and sports secretariat director Ahmad Fadhli Shaari (left) said the move was based on the government’s experience in organising the Nisa’ Games, which introduced the move to ban male spectators in sports that involve women.

“The government viewed the positive response from the participants and spectators it received in the Nisa’ Games then, as an important factor in continuing the ruling,” he said in a statement.

The Nisa’ Games was organised in line with the Belia Benci Dadah campaign and Visit Malaysia Year 2007 on Feb 17 and 18, 2007.

The netball tournament being organised by the Kelantan state government through the sports secretariat would meanwhile be the first to be organised by the state on its own.

The New Straits Times on Monday reported that the Kelantan government will organise the netball tournament which will only allow female spectators, in the state’s 14 parliamentary constituencies.

All players, including non-Muslims, have to wear long-sleeved T-shirts and loose-fitting track pants, while the matches will take place indoors.

Meawhile, Ahmad Fadhli added that the ruling was suitable with the ‘Developing with Islam’ policy which has been the core thrust in the state’s administration.

“Although female athletes cover their aurat (while playing netball), since netball involves active movements, we are worried that such movements will reveal their aurat,” he said.

He also stressed that it was the organiser’s right to introduce such rulings felt to be necessary as long as such rulings do not affect the course of the game.

On Kelantan MCA economic consultative committee chairperson Lua Choon Hann who said that the female-only affair is a “step backwards” and “destroys the sport”, Ahmad Fadhli said that MCA should not politicise the issue.

"We hope that the concerned party (MCA) will not politicise the issue for the common good," he said.- Malaysiakini, 20/8/2014, 'Male spectator ban based on positive response'

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