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Brave mother who highlighted police wrongdoings not praised but persecuted?

Do the Malaysian Police torture persons in custody? Yes, they do sometimes, it seems, and a most recent case of this was the case of  Syed Mohd Azlan..

Police officers that tortured and killed detainee - what will the AG and the Malaysian government do?

EAIC - Polis bunuh Syed Mohd Azlan dalam tahanan, lupuskan keterangan,...??

What about those that do not die in custody? Well, the most famous case would be that of Anwar Ibrahim's 'black eye'...

When a person is arrested and tortured in police custody, and do not die, is this wrong? Yes, it is very wrong - it is torture. Police are not allowed to beat up or torture people... 

The victim alive, however, finds it very difficult to complain - or prove his/her claim of torture (beatings, etc..). 

Why? The reason simply is that it may at the end of the day be only his word - which may be contested by the police officers who tortured, supported  by his fellow police officers and others - an example of this is the Syed Mohd Azlan's case...In that case, the EAIC also found that police officers helped dispose evidence of the wrongdoing.

If the victim makes a police report -well, he may risk being charged with making of a false police report - or even the possibility of further torture and other injustices. So many a victim just keep quite and do not complaint. 

The police and the Malaysian government must, as a high priority, be interested in cleaning up our police force and eliminating torture.

As such, the recent reported action of the police of going after a mother of a detainee, for highlighting alleged wrongdoing of the police - she alleged that the police had hit her child and asked for money? What the police did was arrest her and investigate her for Sedition...Absurd?

He said she was arrested for her Facebook post on Dec 23 alleging that the police had hit her child and asked for money

Police or public servants, asking for money - well, this could have happened and that is why we have corruption offences...

What the police should have done was to conduct a thorough investigation on the allegation of torture and corruption against some police officer/s - not go after the very person that highlighted this, who really by definition today is a Human Rights Defender.

The police action is so very wrong - and it certainly also goes against Malaysia's recently proclaimed commitment on human rights defenders at the UN this November.  AG Apandi Ali, proceeding with HR Defender Lena Hendry's trial after 26/11/2015 inconsistent with Malaysia's new position?

Was Malaysia being honest when it committed to the protection of Human Rights Defenders? Well, I and a lot of good Malaysians hope that is so. What the police did to that brave mother was wrong - it is her allegations that need to be investigated, not her who highlighted these alleged wrongdoing. It is time Malaysia weed out corrupt public officials for the good of Malaysia.

In fact, the police should have thanked this brave, thus far unnamed woman for highlighting alleged wrongdoings by police officers. Because, if people highlights such matters, the Malaysian police force can be rid of Torture and Corruption...She is a Hero.

But, this action against this unnamed mother will only DETER people from highlighting torture and corruption...Malaysia certainly do not want this. We want a corrupt-free and torture-free country and police force.

SEDITION ACT - well, this is a legislation that even TRUTH will not save you. Yes, in our Sedition law, even if what you say was true, it is not a defence. That is one of the reasons why this draconian legislation must be repealed.

I hope the police immediately stop this harassment - and make a public announcement when they do this. People need to be encouraged to fearlessly highlight any or all wrongdoings within the police force and the government.

The police should also be brave enough to be professional and act justly without fear or favour. Remember politicians come and go, and the police at the end of the day serves only Malaysia and the people of Malaysia - not some politician or politically party that is now holding power in government. 

Governments come and go but the police and the civil service remains - and remember always that your actions are being watched, and what you do will determine the respect accorded to you today and, more importantly in the future when you, the public servant, is no longer employed by the government. Will you be remembered as a good person or...?

Friday, 25 December 2015 | MYT 3:38 PM

Woman detained and under sedition probe for insulting police on Facebook

KLUANG: A 44-year-old businesswoman from Taman Seri Impian here was arrested Friday for insulting the police on a social networking site.

Kluang OCPD Asst Comm Mohamad Laham (pic) said she was arrested at 12.05am at her house in Jalan Seri Impian 1/12, Taman Seri Impian, for posting the insulting comments on Facebook.

Her mobile phone was also confiscated during the arrest.

He said she was arrested for her Facebook post on Dec 23 alleging that the police had hit her child and asked for money.

Her son was arrested on Nov 29 for owning a stolen motorcycle and charged in court, with the case ongoing.

"Her posting gave a bad impression of the police and she has been remanded for three days until Sunday for investigations to be carried out," he said Friday.

ACP Mohamad said the case was being investigated under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act 1948, which carries a jail term of not more than three years or a maximum fine of RM5,000 or both on conviction.

"I also advise the public not to take to social media to bad mouth others, or you will have to bear the consequences and also action from the law," he added.

He also said that insulting others on social media was a criminal offence and the police had the right to take action under the law. - Star, 25/12/2015,

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