Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Do Mahathir-Muhyiddin's new party have any support? from BN party members? from others?

No money, no benefits, no contracts - then no support for you. So long as you are in power, I am your friend ...your supporter..but the moment, you have no more 'power' or 'position' or 'money for me' - well, then no more support for you...Well, sadly, that is the reality with some of the political parties in Malaysia - especially some of the parties holding power now.

UMNO - Well, when Muhyiddin lost his Deputy Prime Minister post and then was ousted by UMNO - how many people still really supported him...Did the entire BN party members from where he is a Member of Parliament quit their respective parties and follow him in support? Well, it seems nothing like that happened...Well, now they have a new party...and how many UMNO divisions and branches in his own constituency have dissolved and joined his new party...since his 'new' party is now formed? 

Let's remember that Muhyiddin was ousted - not that he quit on a matter of principle. Nope - he was 'kicked' out...and then suddenly he is now anti-UMNO and BN and want us to believe that he is an 'Opposition' - an alternative... well, what did he do when he was in power? Did he oppose Detention Without Trial, massive 'lending' policy, for higher minimum wages, for the removal of the 'contractor for labour' system,POTA, POCA, ...NO, he did not...so, has he changed? 

Is he an 'alternative' or is he simply another desperate person who still want to 'survive' as an MP and a politician?

That will be the case of this 'only one race' new party in 2016 - formed by mainly ex-UMNO personalities...

Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM)

Now, if Muhyiddin still has the support - he will stand as an independent against the new BN candidate, and a real 'Opposition' candidate - and he will win because he won in the last General Elections...surely, if he has real support of the people, those who voted for him in the last General Elections will vote for him again...but really, did the people vote for Muhyiddin or simply the BN candidate? 

Does Muhyiddin or these ex-UMNO persons have any real people support?...a support of people who you do not have to buy their support with monies and promises of 'goodies'.. I think not...What do you think? 

Principles, values, character - that is what we must be looking for in our peoples' representatives...then, we have a chance for a better Malaysia? 


* This new former UMNO member party, calling itself 'BERSATU', being a party NOT open to all Malaysians but a single ethnic group, maybe part of the 'Opposition' this coming General Elections. 

* They may force our longstanding Opposition parties like PAS, DAP, PKR, PRM, PSM...to not place candidates in some of the Parliamentary seats and the State Legislative seats (ADUN)...and, some are worried that after the General Elections, when Najib is out as PM or UMNO President, these new ex-UMNO MPs and ADUNs may just merge with UMNO, exit the party and re-join UMNO or BN...for after all, the primary objective of these persons seems to be the removal of Najib Tun Razak as PM (and possibly as UMNO President)...That is all..  

* Now, if in the coming General Elections, BN wins insufficient seats to form a government, will MPs from this new party of ex-UMNO members then HOP over to BN to form the government - after first negotiating positions in Cabinet and maybe other rewards? Will some of the earlier former BN party members in PKR also do the same? That will leave us back with just the original Opposition from DAP, PAS, PRM, PSM... Will this happen? Maybe yes...maybe no...but a high likelihood that it may...

Remember also that many of these ex-UMNO members were 'kicked out' - they did not leave on a matter of principle...

1MDB and Najib is one issue, but certainly not the only factors why people of Malaysia wants to kick out the BN government from Putrajaya...

What about PKR? Well, they may be still having a lot of 'media attention' - but sadly ground support for the party is not there...or have been speedily declining. They survived because of the Opposition pact - and a desire of the majority of Malaysians that they wanted an alternative government - enough of UMNO-BN...And do not forget many in PKR are also ex-BN politicians...

So, how many will go back to UMNO-BN? We remember Semangat 46 - people supported and voted them as Opposition - and then they left and re-joined UMNO.

Hence, even after the next General Elections, we may be still having another BN government - even if BN loses, because of possible 'party hoping' or even some of the new Opposition parties deciding to join BN???

There is too much focus on getting rid of Najib - and, the BN as part of their strategy, may just before elections, announce his resignation now or in a year after the elections - and people may still vote back BN saying 'let's give the new PM' a choice. This happened when Pak Lah became PM...

Now, if the Opposition does not include Mahathir-Muhyiddin's new party - and there are 3-cornered fights. The only votes that may split will be the BN votes - maybe the new party will get some, but I believe that it will be small. Different maybe where Dr Mahathir is standing...for he may win...but the other ex-UMNO leaders will not...in my opinion.

The Opposition Parties like DAP, PAS, PRM, PKR, PSM... have a real decision to make...and we, the people, need to help in this decision making process...

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