Friday, September 18, 2009

Good if Hisha­mmuddin expresses similar sentiments when persons are shot dead by police in Malaysia, as he did for Nordin Md Top (alleged terrorist)

I am amazed at how our Home Minister is so concerned about that 'shoot to kill' incident of a Malaysian in Indonesia. How he laments about what happened...stating that it could have been handled differently - i.e. that he could have been rehabilitated. (All this is according to the Star Report)

Is it not hypocritical that this same Minisiter, who is responsible for the Malaysian police, do not seem to have expressed similar sentiments when Malaysian police have killed so many in 'shoot to kill'. Surely, those alleged criminals shot dead by Malaysian police could also be rehabilitated...

Terrorist Noor­din Md Top, who was shot dead by Indonesian police, could have been rehabilitated.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hisha­mmuddin Tun Hussein said he was sad to hear about the death.

“What he did was wrong. We don’t condone what he did. I am sad that we did not get to rehabilitate him, like we have done with many others, including Jemaah Islamiah militants.

“I am sad because a life is a life,” he told reporters after watching personnel from the police, Rela, Civil Defence Department and Rescue and Safety Department carry out Ops Sikap at the Jalan Duta toll here.

Noordin, a militant mastermind who eluded capture for nine years and terrorised Indonesia with a string of deadly bombings, was killed during a shoot-out in central Indonesia yesterday.

Hishammuddin said the Government would help Noordin’s family bring the body back after the authorities completed their investigations.

He said Noordin’s identity had been confirmed through a fingerprint check but a DNA test would be conducted to verify the result.

Hishammuddin said Malaysia had cooperated with all parties, including Indonesia, in cross-border crime, but added that Malaysia had no part in yesterday’s raid. - Star, 18/9/2009, Hisham: Noordin could have been rehabilitated

And, what rehabilitation is our Home Minister talking about? If he is talking about detaining them under the ISA or other detention without trial law...surely that is certainly not 'rehabilitation' - but torture...and a violation of human rights. Detaining persons without even giving them a chance to defend themselves in an open trial is very wrong.

If one is interested in rehabilitation, then you must first give the person a fair trial, and after he pleads guilty...or is found guilty after a trial ...then, you can start your process of rehabilitation, and that too if the said person want you to do so.

It is also very wrong to brand people as criminals or terrorists... for all is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The Star is wrong in using the term "Terrorist Noor­din Md Top" - and rightly should use the term 'suspected terrorist' or 'alleged terrorist'.

I hope our Home Minister, Datuk Seri Hisha­mmuddin Tun Hussein, will also have similar sentiments when persons are shot dead by Malaysian police. In fact, it would be good to hear the Minister publicly call upon the Malaysian police to try to arrest persons alive...

Some incidents of 'shoot to kill' reported in the media that I saw in August 2009...

24/8/2009 - Star, 24/8/2009, Four Indonesian robbers killed by police

21/8/2009 - Star, 21/8/2009, Two robbers shot dead in Klang

11/8/2009 - - Star, 11/8/2009, Four wanted Indonesians killed by police

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