Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Did the police try to arrest them...or did they just shoot to kill them? Extrajudicial killing must be condemned..

Another police 'shoot to kill' incident where 4 persons were killed...

Where did the 'murder' happen? At the site of the robbery...after the robbery? And, if so why were the police already there present and waiting...

Extrajudicial killing must be condemned.... Remember every person is presumed innocent until proven guilty...

The police says that they are robbers ....but alas the dead cannot defend themselves...hence, we need a procedure (an inquest or something else) in place whereby it must be shown to the court that :-

(1) The dead are indeed robbers, as alleged - and some innocent person;

(2) That the police had no choice but to shoot them dead [ Did the police try to arrest them? Did they shoot to disable and arrest ...or to kill?]

Four highly wanted and dangerous Indonesian robbers were shot dead by the police at 6.45am in Rawang after they attempted to rob a house in Jinjang here. - Star, 11/8/2009, Four wanted Indonesians killed by police

Just yesterday, my attention was drawn to yet another shoot to kill incident that took place in Sarawak where the police shot dead 5 robbers. See post: Were the 5 all robbers? Did they deserve to be all shot dead by the police?, and another relevant newspaper report, - Borneo Post, 11/12/2008, Woman shocked hubby one of five robbers shot dead

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Mango said...

My first reaction is positive and yes, they did their works, trying to catch the robbers.
Most of us have been lamenting that the police do not work hard enough to bring down serious crimes. In this instance, I have to congratulate them, unless someone can provide any evidences that they were shot defenceless.
Otherwise, we need to give credit when it is due. Those who have been victims of senseless robberies will tell you that the robbers chopped you first even before you could offer your wallet to them.Do you have similar sympathy for such victims?