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PM Muhyiddin must RESPECT the people? Choose better time for announcements? Brief and precise?

Well, all of us were informed of the SPECIAL MESSAGE by Prime Minister at 1pm today ...and then PM Muhyiddin was late in starting, about 10 minutes or more. Did he even apologize for being late? I do not think so..


Remember, this was Lunch time - and many Malaysians had to delay lunch, to sit in front of the television waiting for the Prime Minister....

Then, he went on and on ...rather than getting to the what may be the only important point - being the decision to extend the period of the Movement Control Order to April 14.

The whole broadcast ended at about 1.35pm, and guess what Azan was at 1.17pm. In Malaysia, most of us respect the Azan, being the call to pray...could the PM had this broadcast at a more reasonable time? Or just kept it short and ended in 5-10 minutes? There was also no Q&A from the media - for some reporters may have asked some important questions...

Really, our Prime Minister should learn how our DG of Health does it - precise and straight to the point.


This is something that our government must be very concerned about, and the Prime Minister really must get legal advise from the Attorney General.

Remember, that the current restrictions are based on the Orders and Regulations under the  Prevention And Control Of Infectious Diseases (Declaration Of Infected Local Areas) Order 2020(PU(A) 87/2020) and Prevention And Control Of Infectious Diseases (Measures Within The Infected Local Areas) Regulations 2020(PU(A) 91/2020.

Every time, there are additional restrictions, it is not sufficient for the PM and/or some Minister or the police to tell us - there must be a NEW regulations under Prevention And Control Of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 issued and gazetted, if not it may be invalid.

If the movement control order is extended, there must be a NEW Order under this Act, for the current Order is simply until the end of the month.

If people are being arrested for violation of the this Control of Movement order, then the question will what exactly was violated as per these Orders and/or Regulations under the Prevention And Control Of Infectious Diseases Act 1988.

A construction company allegedly in violation of the Prevention And Control Of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 but then, action was not even taken in pursuance of this Act - Why is that? 

Necessary actions need to be taken - but make sure it is in accordance to the law, and human rights are respected.

Arresting people and even prosecution at this time may not be right and/or WISE. If you arrest anyone, then there is the duty to bring before a Magistrate within 24 hours, and most importantly the right to be represented by a LAWYER... In this time, where we are asking people to stay at home and controlling movement...such actions simply may be putting more people at risk. Arrest is OK - but release them immediately, there is no need to REMAND anyone as happened in the Najib, Rosmah, case...they can always be charged in court later after the Restrictions are lifted...

If the police arrest someone, who turns out to be infected by Covid-19, and is placed in a police lock-up with others, there is a risk that others, including police, magistrates and lawyers may be infected by Covid-19, and who do we blame then? 

The question of whether the National Security Council Act is being used now, is a question that the Prime Minister must answer...which he has not? Is that National Security Council(MKN) formed under the NSC Act, or is it simply a special action committee formed by the government, which has nothing to do with this Act?

The police has certain powers of arrest and control - but the military does not? The military personnel cannot arrest and/or detain anyone ...their powers of arrest are simply those than any ordinary person is a rather limited power. LEGAL OR ILLEGAL?

Even during this period of 'emergency', the Prime Minister and the government must act in accordance to law...and do as it pleases? 

Now - there ought to be more REGULATIONS under the Prevention And Control Of Infectious Diseases Act 1988, if any additional restrictions or changes in existing Regulations or Orders issued happens.

Other Major Concerns...

Other major concern, is the loss of income to workers, and especially small businesses and the self-employed. Many in small constructions, get paid daily according to days they work. A prolonged movement control order will mean NO INCOME for 1 month - and many of these simply cannot survive this. The government, should ALLOCATE direct financial assistance to such workers, small traders, etc...not a LUMP SUM payment but monthly, and/or once in 2 weeks, and this monies should flow from government departments - NOT through 'wakil rakyats' or political parties...

Shocking to see PM Muhyiddin and this PN government using this 'crisis' to maybe help generate more political support for the political parties and their peoples' representatives -   peoples' representatives and political parties can help identify the poor in need of assistance and provide this information directly to the government or relevant departments, who then will act on it and provide monies and assistance to those that really need it. If aid is flowing from multiple sources, the problem is efficient coordination of flow of assistance...some may get 'double' and others may just be left out...and many may simply 'steal' this monies, when they really are not the target groups. Have the previous BN wakil rakyats even been made accountable for the millions they got from government or peoples' monies? Have the PH wakil rakyats also accounted for the monies they received? Have the PAS and now PN wakil rakyat accounted for the monies they received? How much monies of the people have been lost by reason of 'personal enrichment' or political party enrichment or 'friends and members of parties' enrichment. In the last flood, how many reached the real victims of the flood and how much reached those that were never even affected by the floods? Sadly, the bad practices by the previous BN government/s continued on...WHY?

After this period of movement restrictions, many will be significantly impacted financially - many businesses may be forced to even shut down, retrench or terminate workers, etc ...This is foreseeable - and this government of Muhyiddin Yassin really must planning on how to help the people well as to ensure financial stability is maintained.

Do the government even have the information of WHO exactly needs assistance -  do they have information of all workers, regular, contractual, daily waged, etc --of the small traders and businesses that have been forced to cease business, and may have difficulty recuperating. Pasar Malam and Pasar Tani sellers of perishable items like vegetables and fish, who cannot do business now will have lost so much ...kampung folks who sold vegetables to these persons also lost income...

Workers - the solution of taking from your EPF/KWSP savings is FOOLISH - the government should be giving direct AID (or even interest free loans) MONTHLY not a one lump sum payment until it is really needed...which should be until the Movement Order last...and thereafter just for those who lost jobs/income. There is no need to promise assistance now for 6 months or 12 months...

Are the people supposed to pay their Bills NOW - will Astro, TM, CELCOM allow payment to be delayed until 2 weeks after the end of the Movement Control Order - or will they cut the service now because payment not made in time? Many pay cash at Post Offices, ect every month - but now we are under a Movement Control Order, and many are worried BUT PM Muhyiddin is not telling us what to do? 

Prime Minister - so many basic questions and problems that need to be dealt with by the Prime Minister..

It is best that the Prime Minister have daily press conferences(with Q & A) at a fixed time - maybe at night to deal with this issue. If not the PM, maybe some other senior Minister? Or if the PM feels overwhelmed by the tasks and responsibilities, he should resign ...

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PM: Covid-19 shutdown extended to April 14

People watch a live broadcast of Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s special Covid-19 address to the nation. — Picture by Miera Zulyana
People watch a live broadcast of Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s special Covid-19 address to the nation. — Picture by Miera Zulyana
KUALA LUMPUR, March 25 — The existing movement control order (MCO) enforced nationwide will be extended to April 14, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced today.

In his special address at the midway point of the original MCO period, Muhyiddin said he was briefed by the National Security Council (NSC) and the Health Ministry about the continued rise in coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases.

“The trend is expected to continue for a while before new cases begin to subside. This means that the government must continue the MCO for a longer period of time.

“I am announcing the extension in advance so that my fellow citizens will be prepared,” he said.
Malaysia today entered the eighth day of the original two-week long movement control order to contain and break the chain of infection of the Covid-19 virus.

Up to 5pm yesterday, Malaysia recorded 1,624 Covid-19 infections with 1,426 active cases and a total of 183 patients recovered.

As of today, a total of 17 fatalities related to Covid-19 were recorded.

“Those who are still at their hometowns need not rush back to Kuala Lumpur this weekend. Stay in your kampungs and don’t go anywhere. Those who should be returning to their hostels need not do so. Wait first. Offices that are still closed need not open. If there are important matters that need to be handled in the two-three weeks, plan them accordingly now.

“Please stay calm and don’t panic. Even though we have extended the MCO, you don’t have to unnecessarily stock up on food because the supply is sufficient. I assure you that food is enough for everybody.

“I know you feel burdened but I don’t have a choice. I have to extend the MCO for your own safety,” Muhyiddin added.

Muhyiddin also said the duration of the MCO will be studied from time to time and if there was a need to do so, it will be publicly announced. - Malay Mail, 25/3/2020

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