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Muhyiddin Yasin - Betrayal complete when Cabinet has UMNO-BN? Promise in Buku Harapan?MP Pagoh?

After Muhyiddin announced his Cabinet, his betrayal is complete when UMNO and other BN party members/leaders were named as Cabinet members - hence a government that now includes UMNO, Barisan Nasional - Hishamuddin, Khairy, etc  are back... Will Muhyiddin be able to control big brother UMNO and PAS? Interestingly, all PKR MPs that left after Zuraidah and Azmin were 'sacked' are in the Cabinet? Remember, it is not the Prime Minister but the Cabinet has Executive Power - Is UMNO-BN back in power with figure head Muhyiddin as PM, and Azmin as 'Senior' Minister?


PM Muhyiddin also did not even indicate anything thus far as to his continued commitment to the promises made to voters that got him elected - that includes his promise to abolish bad laws including Detention Without Trial laws, Sedition Act, University and University Colleges Act... i.e. the promises made as contained in the Buku Harapan, being the GE Election Manifesto that he committed then being President of BERSATU, one of the 4 PH parties. 

In fact, when he stood for elections, he stood as a PH candidate under the PKR logo, given that at that time PH had yet to be registered, and so PH logo could not be used.

Who voted for him? Well, as he was standing as a PH candidate, then it would be people who support PH, and also people who support any one of the PH parties - DAP,PKR and Amanah. 

The others who voted for him would have been people who were anti-BN, with a desire to bring about a change of government. These people wanted an Alternative Government - not UMNO-BN?

After GE14, what happened was that no single political party managed to get 112 MPs to be able to form a government. So, the government ultimately formed was a coalition government made up of PH(BERSATU, DAP, PKR and Amanah) plus WARISAN and other individual MPs that supported the PH government with Dr Mahathir as Prime Minister.

If Muhyiddin Yasin were to resign now, and the people of his constituency had to indicate their choice again in elections, will Muhyiddin re-emerge as MP? We need to also recollect what happened to Dr Kumar Devaraj, a rather good MP always with the people(akar umbi), but when he stood for election as a candidate of another party, not PH, he lost badly...The sentiments seem to be people generally voted for PH, and the primary reason was that they wanted to kick out UMNO-BN from government, and wanted an ALTERNATIVE PH GOVERNMENT...remember that many who voted for PH may really not even be supporters of BERSATU or any of the PH parties - they just wanted to get rid of UMNO-BN?

Muhyiddin stood as a PH candidate, with the commitment to get rid of the BN government ...and so he was chosen as an MP. Note also that BERSATU was formed to end BN, as is evidence by what is stated in their own party website...
Malaysia, di bawah pemerintahan Barisan Nasional sedang Berhadapan dengan krisis kepimpinan dan keruntuhan institusi yang merosakkan negara. Justeru PPBM ditubuhkan untuk:
  1. Memberikan perhatian kepada reformasi institusi untuk mengembalikan integriti didalam pentadbiran negara.

In the first page of the BERSATU website, under Manifesto - it shows 'Buku Harapan' (The PH GE14 Manifesto)

I was hoping that Muhyiddin after he was appointed Prime Minister would have at least given us Malaysians assurances that he remains committed to the promises as contained in the Buku Harapan - but alas, he did not even do that.

Now, Muhyiddin is Prime Minister, allegedly under a new coalition called 'Perikatan Nasional', which includes the UMNO-BN parties...and nobody knows what are their promises for Malaysia is...

Does BN or PAS or any other party still bound to their OWN Election promises ..it is an ODD situation, as during the last election, PH did not stand against just UMNO-BN, in some seats against PAS, in some seats against both UMNO-BN and PAS. PAS also stood for the last Elections against UMNO-BN - they, PAS, also wanted to get rid of UMNO-BN generally, and offered themselves as an Alternative. So, now what exactly does PAS or UMNO-BN or Muhyiddin(and his people in BERSATU) stand for? What are their promises? OR are they free to simply do as they please, no more bound to any electoral promises, party stance/principles/struggles/etc?

ELECTORAL REFORMS to end 'party hopping' is much needed in Malaysia to RESPECT the Malaysian people, the voters ...The best is an AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION when a MP/ADUN leaves a political party that he stood as candidate during the last elections OR moves from being an 'independent candidate' to join any political party that existed before and during the last elections. It ought not apply when a political party 'kicks out' a sitting MP/ADUN from his/her political party as long as that ousted MP/ADUN remains an independent but the moment he/she joins another party/coalition of parties, it will be AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION - resulting in a NEW Elections, where the people is given the right to choose their NEW peoples' representative, and they can also choose the same person again.{This means that there will be no BAR for the 'disqualified' MP/ADUN for this reason from contesting again.

Many Malaysians expressed anger when the 'katak ADUNs' from Pakatan Rakyat jumped out of their party resulting in the BN coming back in power in Perak some years ago. BUT when the UMNO-BN MPs jumped and joined BERSATU or any of the PH parties(and/or WARISAN) after GE14, the anger and the criticisms were not there or very much diminished...THIS WAS WRONG - IT SHOWED OUR PREJUDICE WHEN OUR POSITION SHOULD ALWAYS BE THE SAME.

yes - Elections AGAIN, and people have the right to choose their peoples' representatives.

It is a MOCKERY when the elected MP/ADUN no longer represents the constituents anymore - Who in MUHYIDDIN's Constituency supports him to be their MP > Is it now the BN, PAS and some of the BERSATU supporters only > Worse still, is the fact that BN lost - so now, the majority in Muhyiddin's constituency really may not support him as the peoples' representative anymore. 

Remember when a Prime Minister loses the confidence of the majority of the MPs, then no choice but he has to immediately resign. Same principle should apply for Constituencies, when any MP/ADUN loses the confidence of the majority of the constituents, then he/she MUST immediately resign.

Muhyiddin Yassin (PPBM)23,55855.21%
Ismail Mohamed (UMNO)16,631
Ahmad Nawfal Mahfodz (PAS)2,483
Registered voters: 51,512
Majority: 6,927
Spoilt votes: 693
Unreturned votes: 0
Voter Turnout: 43,667 (84.8%)

BERSATU - What is happening there? Well, Dr Mahathir is still the Chairman of BERSATU - but apparently he was out-voted by the leadership which decided that BERSATU exit Pakatan Harapan, and later decided what is now known as 'back-door government' together with UMNO, BN, PAS and all..

Anyway Dr Mahathir and some of the BERSATU MPs who are against Muhyiddin and some of the leadership is still in BERSATU. They did not choose to RESIGN but are staying in the party - maybe to wait for the membership to decide who they support as their leaders in the upcoming elections. RIGHT MOVE compared to simply choosing to leave the party.

A political party, is a society, and the members decide. In any political party, there often exists 'Team A', 'Team B' and even Team C, D, E. During elections, members will vote in their leaders - the one who gets most votes become leader, but those who lost should really never leave but stay on to fight the next battle...and membership may change their minds, and then maybe they may end up winning elections.

As such, those then PKR MPs who chose to leave PKR was wrong. Different for Azmin and Zuraidah, who were 'sacked' - they did not leave by choice. Did PKR follow the 'rule of law' or the requirements of justice. Did they have a proper DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDING, where the accused will be given the right to be heard, and then the Independent Disciplinary panel makes a decision, which is forwarded to the leadership to act on. After disciplinary proceedings, a member might be fined, etc ...and the most serious decision is expulsion from the party. Even if expelled, justly they can still appeal to the membership at a General Meeting, and that membership can decide to OVERTURN the decision of the party leaders/Disciplinary Panel - Did PKR follow this just steps, when they expelled Azmin and Zuraidah? 

How a political party is and functions, would be an indication of how they will govern Malaysia if and when they come into power.

DAP, on the other hand have had "teams' and members against the Lim Kit Siang/Lim Guan Eng team, but they have not been expelled from DAP. In fact, people/leaders from the opposing team, are still fielded as candidates to become MPs/ADUNs...That would be an indication of a mature society or political party, would it not?

BERSATU Elections - when will it be? Will each and every members be given the right to vote? I could not even find the BERSATU Constitution/Rules on their website...ODD. Anyway, now the elections happening in BERSATU are the elections for the Branch and Division level, plus Elections for the youth and women wings. But then, nominations happened before Mahathir's resignation as PM or Muhyiddin's appointment at Prime Minister...so will the results of these elections even signify whether Mahathir or Muhyiddin has the majority support? Maybe not - would have been if the nominations happened after these 'political uncertainties'. Anyway, BERSATU elections may not be as important as the still ongoing dispute about who is or will be the Prime Minister.

Muhyiddin is current Prime Minister - but the moment he loses the confidence/support of the majority of MPs, he has no choice BUT to RESIGN. How may MPs support Muhyiddin, and who are they exactly? Mahathir claims the support of 112 or more, which is the majority.

Mahathir's declared list had 114...then 115, but hours later, 2 came out and said that they did not support Mahathir...now others on the list are seen in Muhyiddin's cabinet....Maybe MACC ought to investigate - was there corruption involved? Did anyone file a report/complaint to MACC and/or the police? 

The public perception of Members of Parliament has been injured...thanks to the changing Statutory Declaration and/or statements of undertaking. I do not think Mahathir and/or PH would have bravely disclosed their list of 114 MPs that supported Mahathir as MP if they did not have some good basis for such an assertion...

What happened between the MPs is not our focus? Our focus is the loss of support/confidence of the people of their OWN peoples' representative of their own constituency? 

As pointed out, even whether the people of the Pagoh constituency still want Muhyiddin to be their peoples' representative - their MP is an issue. If the majority do not, Muhyiddin ought not continue as MP Pagoh....{How can the voters remove their MP - maybe a signed petition of more than 50% voters ought to lead to disqualification and immediate elections? Maybe, a signed petition of registered voters that is higher than the total number of votes he got in the last elections is enough?}

PARTY HOPPING - well, for any MP that leaves/resigns from his her party to join another party or be an independent  should automatically result in new elections - The people of PAGOH, for example,  may decide they still want Muhyiddin to be their MP - that is peoples' choice and so it is OK...

Remember is not MP, he cannot be Prime Minister...

In Uganda, this is in their constitution...


According to Article (83) of the Constitution, a Member of Parliament may lose his or her seat in any of the following instances—
  • On resignation in writing to the Speaker;
  • If he or she subsequently ceases to qualify to be a Member of Parliament;
  • If he or she is absent from 15 sittings without permission of the Speaker;
  • If he or she is found guilty of violation of the Leadership Code of Conduct;
  • If he or she joins another party or leaves the party and decides to remain an Independent member;
  • If a member was elected as an independent and joins a party; or
  • On appointment as a public officer.

People are FED UP with the betrayals of their MP/ADUN when they suddenly leave parties - IMMEDIATE elections needed to determine who the people want as their MP.

Factsheet: Your questions about Muhyiddin's cabinet answered

Modified 10:33 am
Muhyiddin Yassin announced his new cabinet today, a week after he was sworn-in as the eighth prime minister.

How big is the cabinet? Are there more women? Who are the top guns who were left out? Malaysiakini helps you to answer these questions, read on.

Is this cabinet bigger?

Yes, and more expensive too.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s cabinet had 27 ministers, of which Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail held two portfolios. Mahathir appointed 26 deputy ministers.

Muhyiddin Yassin’s cabinet has 32 portfolios and appointed 38 deputy ministers. Seven ministries have two deputy ministers.

Who are the non-politicians?

Two non-politicians will be co-opted into the new government.

They are CIMB Group chief executive officer Tengku Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz, 46, and Federal Territories mufti Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri, 51. They will be appointed as senators.

Tengku Zafrul has 24 years of experience in the financial industry while Zulkifli, who has a moderate image, has been the Federal Territories mufti since 2014.

How many cabinet positions did each party receive?

Bersatu has the lion’s share of cabinet and deputy minister positions, despite ranking second in terms of the number of MPs on the government bench.

Bersatu controls 34 percent of the cabinet positions despite having only 26 percent of the total MPs on the government bench.

The runner-up is Umno which has 28 percent of the cabinet positions despite controlling 35 percent of the MPs on the government bench.

Gabungan Party Sarawak (GPS) came in third despite tying PAS in terms of number of MPs.

Both have 18 MPs respectively but GPS received four cabinet ministers while PAS has three.
All in all, Bersatu will have 11 ministers, Umno nine, GPS four, PAS three, MCA one, MIC one and PBS one.

As for deputy ministers, Bersatu will have 14, followed by Umno at nine, PAS and GPS at five respectively, MCA at three, PBRS at one and Star at one.

Which senior party leaders are not appointed as a minister?

Both Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Umno deputy president Mohamad Hassan were not appointed into the new government.

The most senior Umno leader by rank to be appointed into the cabinet is Noraini Ahmad (higher education minister).

She is Umno Wanita chief, which last year was elevated to be on par with the position of an Umno deputy president.

Only one of the three Umno vice-presidents were appointed into the government. Ismail Sabri Yaakob is the defence minister while Khaled Nordin and Mahdzir Khalid were not included.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang was not included in the new government but his deputy Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man was appointed as the environment minister.

There was no surprise that PAS vice-presidents Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar and Mohd Amar Abdullah were not appointed as they are the Terengganu menteri besar and Kelantan deputy menteri besar respectively. However, Idris Ahmad, who does not hold a state leadership position, was not appointed.

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan was appointed as a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of law and parliamentary affairs, a key position that can influence legislative reforms.

MIC president S Vigneswaran was also not included in the cabinet. He is currently a Dewan Negara president.

His party deputy M Saravanan has been appointed as the human resources minister.

In GPS, the head of PBB (Abang Johari Openg), PRS (James Masing) and SUPP (Sim Kui Hian) are understandably not included as they are already part of the Sarawak cabinet.

An exception is PDP president Tiong King Sing who was appointed as the deputy national unity minister.
What is the proportion of female cabinet ministers or deputies?

There are five female cabinet ministers and four deputy ministers. The numbers were the same in the previous cabinet.

However, it should be noted that Dr Wan Azizah held two cabinet positions at the time and there are more deputy ministers now than before.

How many cabinet positions did Azmin Ali’s faction receive?

Former PKR deputy president Azmin Ali is instrumental in making the new Perikatan Nasional government possible as he engineered defections that contributed several MPs to the new coalition.

Including Azmin, there were 10 MPs which left PKR for Bersatu following the “Sheraton Move”.

Of this figure, Rashid Hasnon was the only one who did not become either a cabinet minister or deputy minister. It should be noted that Rashid is the current Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker.

Their appointments are as follow:

Azmin Ali
Saifuddin Abdullah
Zuraida Kamaruddin

Deputy Ministers:
Ali Biju
Jonathan Yassin
Kamaruddin Jaffar
Mansor Othman
Santhara Kumar
Willie Mongin

How many cabinet minister or deputy minister positions were taken up by politicians from Sabah and Sarawak?

There are four cabinet ministers from Sarawak and two from Sabah. That makes a total of six from East Malaysia, up from just four in the previous cabinet.

So, currently, 18.75 percent of cabinet ministers are from East Malaysia although about 20 percent of the MPs who support Muhyiddin are from the region.

It is a bit closer to parity where deputy ministers are concerned as eight of them come from East Malaysia.

Were any ministries abolished? Are there new ministries?

Most noticeably, there is no longer a cabinet position for deputy prime minister. However, Muhyiddin could name one later.

The Economic Affairs Ministry is also dissolved and the portfolio placed under the Prime Minister's Department.

Muhyiddin has also removed the Unity and Social Harmony Department in the Prime Minister’s Department and replaced it with a standalone National Unity Ministry.

Four ministries were either renamed or consolidated:

Agriculture and Agro-based Industry;
Energy, Green Technology, Science and Climate Change;
Water, Land and Natural Resources; and
Primary Industries.

Additional reporting by Rameiza Wahid and Naziatul Syahira Mustafa Kamel. - Malaysiakini, 10/3/2020



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