Monday, March 23, 2020

Covid-19 - Thousands at risk when collecting monthly supplies of medicine from government clinics?

During the BN reign, there was a problem of medicine supplies at government hospitals/clinics. There are thousands, maybe tens of thousands, who require to see doctors(and/or Specialists) at Malaysian government clinics and/or hospitals all across the country that have to make regular monthly visits not for medical appointments but just to collect their medications.

Their regular appointments with doctors may be every 3 or 4 months, but for their supply of medicines, they have to travel monthly to clinics/hospitals just to collect their medicines. After their appointment with doctors, the pharmacies just give them about 1 month supply, with another appointment to come and collect medicines every month. Thus, these patients have to make their way to hospitals/clinics maybe 3-4 times just for the collection of medicines, including also insulin for those that need them.

In the past, one is given full supply until the next doctor's appointment.

This monthly collection was explained because of the lack of supply - but it also causes a lot of problems - loss of time, cost of travel, etc. They will have to take time off from work or business to come to the clinics/hospitals.

Pakatan Harapan failed to address this problem, but will the NEW Perikatan Nasional government do anything about this.

Now, with the RESTRICTION OF MOVEMENT and social distancing requirements in place, and the worry that hospitals/clinics may be the most dangerous places to be since this is where many experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 will also be... 

MINISTER of Health and the government should do something about on an URGENT basis, maybe ensuring that from tomorrow until the Covid-19 threat is behind us, all patients going to clinics/hospital will receive their FULL SUPPLY of medicines, sufficient to last them until their next scheduled doctor's appointment.

BEST - that hereafter, make sure that everytime one meets the doctor, they will be given FULL supply of all medicines prescribed until the next scheduled doctor's appointment.



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