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Covid - Let's talk about 'Herd Immunity', Mandatory vaccination, Post Vaccination Infections, Vaccinating unregistered adults in Malaysia? Amnesty?

The government has been posting about the fact that Malaysia has one of the highest vaccination rates - well, it may be true for now, but only if this was the case earlier, Malaysia may not be in this current state, where everyday about or more that a 'plane load' of persons dies because of Covid.

Statistics to prove achievement of vaccination program, all towards HERD IMMUNITY - but the question is whether the many other people present in Malaysia are being taken into account. Well, we have the 'stateless' Malaysians who still do not have identity cards. We have refugees/asylum seekers - some of whom may not also be in the UNHCR Records. We have also then the UNDOCUMENTED migrants. What are the numbers? Well, honestly, nobody knows for sure but it could be 5 - 8 million(or even more). With regard to undocumented migrants, the majority may be from our immediate neighboring countries - Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. As many of these do not enter or exit from the official entry-exit points, it is difficult to get accurate figures. Now, these UNDOCUMENTED persons are withing our Malaysian community, and naturally they are afraid of arrest, detention, conviction, whipping or deportation - so they will avoid any authorities in Malaysia. What must the government do, if we truly want to achieve 'herd immunity'. One possibility is an AMNESTY - a guarantee that they will not be arrested, etc during this period, say one(1) Month to get them to be vaccinated. Any other options??? If all in Malaysia vaccinated, it will be good for Malaysia. Will the undocumented freely come forward and get vaccinated, when we read about 'Deportation' by the Immigration Department? So, maybe a TEMPORARY GUARANTEE TO ALL UNDOCUMENTED that they will not be tagged, arrested, detained or deported for maybe an AMNESTY PERIOD of one(1) to 2 months may help Malaysia achieve HERD IMMUNITY. HOME MINISTER, and Health Minister, make sure this is done for the safety of ALL in Malaysia. 

FACT - Vaccination is not a 100% guarantee that you will not get Covid-19. Can these 'vaccinated' be carriers and transmit the disease to others they come into contact? Probably YES - so, is it wise for the removal of restrictions for the vaccinated. True, for the vaccinated, the likelihood of getting infected themselves has been much reduced, and even if infected, the chances of them dying is also reduced. But, if the vaccinated get infected or as 'non-infected carriers', them moving around and non-compliance of SOPs can cause others to be infected, and even die. Ought then, the restrictions be kept in place until the number of infected reduce significantly. In New Zealand recently,  on the discovery of a single case resulted in a nation-wide lock-down. 

WHEN SOME REFUSE TO BE VACCINATED? Being an highly infectious disease, that can result in death, should not Malaysia pass a law making vaccination for Covid-19 mandatory, save for very limited exceptions. If this were some other diseases that not so easily causes others to be infected, the right to not be vaccinated or not be hospitalized/quarantine may be a right to be protected. But, here is a disease that spreads so easily and can cause death. Now, if one knows that he/she can cause others to be infected does so intentionally (or even negligently), it can be a CRIME - for Malaysian Penal Code provides for the crime of 304A Causing death by negligence. Legally speaking, those infected or the dependents of the deceased can also sue for damages/compensation against those that caused them to be infected by Covid-19. So, let us consider MANDATORY VACCINATION FOR ALL. 

Providing benefits for the vaccinated only, which Malaysia is doing now is certainly an ENCOURAGEMENT for those that refuse vaccination. But, the fact is that the vaccinated can still become a victim of Covid-19, and they can also cause to spread the infection to others. As such, the freedom granted to the vaccinated need to be re-considered. While, it makes sense, to allow shops/businesses to operate, we may want to re-think the maybe unnecessary liberties like 'dining-in', moving around and crossing of districts(especially from areas with high infection to areas of no or less infections). 

A person infected by Covid-19 needs to be hospitalized/quarantined for at least 14 days. A close contact of the infected need to also self-quarantine for 14 days - but then our Labour Laws need to be amended to increase the number of paid-sick leave. Quarantine for public health reasons should also be entitled to paid leave. If this is not provided, many may hide their infection, or even avoid self quarantine just to be able to work and earn. If it was paid leave, then they may stay hospitalized or quarantined as needed and that is best for all of us in Malaysia, wouldn't it.

The Malaysian government has failed to provide regular monthly financial aid to persons who have lost jobs/income by reason of Covid-19 - No money? And people are becoming poorer and desperate - so, the Government with 'no resources to help people' are asking them all to go back to work. 

Malaysian government must stop APPEASING THE PEOPLE strategies(like relaxing travel restrictions, Pasar Ramadan, increasing attendance levels at places of worship, etc), and FOCUS on overcoming this Covid-19 and the deaths it causes. New Zealand did a nation-wide lock-down when ONE case was detected.

IDEAS - people need to give the government ideas for there maybe things they never thought of ...

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New Zealand enters nationwide lockdown over one Covid case


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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern looks on during a press conference at Parliament on August 17image sourceGetty Images
image captionNew Zealand has been largely successful in eliminating the virus from within its borders

New Zealand has announced a snap lockdown after a man tested positive for Covid, the first case in six months.

The case was detected in Auckland, which will be in lockdown for a week, while the rest of the country will be in lockdown for three days.

Authorities say they are working on the assumption that the new case was the Delta variant.

Just around 20% of its population has been fully vaccinated.

Coromandel, a coastal town where the infected person had visited, will be in lockdown for seven days too.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the toughest "level 4" rules were required - closing schools, offices and all businesses with only essential services remaining operational.

"I want to assure New Zealand that we have planned for this eventuality. Going hard and early has worked for us before," she said.

The patient is a 58-year-old man, who is believed to have been infectious since last Thursday.

There are at least 23 potential sites of transmission.

There was reportedly a rush at supermarkets in Auckland, as locals anticipated a snap lockdown.

Officials said there was a need for strong response because of the fear of the Delta variant, and because there was no clear link between the new case and the border or quarantine facilities.

Data released by New Zealand's Ministry of Health on Monday showed that all Covid-19 cases detected at the country's border in recent weeks had been Delta.

"We have seen what can happen elsewhere if we fail to get on top of it. We only get one chance," Ms Ardern said in a televised national address, calling the Delta strain "a game changer".

New Zealand has been successful in eliminating the virus from within its borders, although its international borders remain largely closed.

However, its vaccination programme has rolled out at a slow pace, with only around 20% of people fully vaccinated and 33% of people having received one dose, according to Our World in Data.- BBC, 17/8/2021

Immigration Dept: Over 90,000 undocumented migrants sent home under Malaysia’s repatriation plan

Datuk Makhzan Mahyuddin said that Pati from 15 countries who get the okay will be granted a temporary employment pass (PLKS) under the programme. — Picture by Hari Anggara
Datuk Makhzan Mahyuddin said that Pati from 15 countries who get the okay will be granted a temporary employment pass (PLKS) under the programme. — Picture by Hari Anggara

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KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 26 — A total 96,809 undocumented immigrants (Pati) have been deported as at August 20 under the Repatriation Recalibration Programme, said Immigration Department of Malaysia (JIM) deputy director-general (control), Datuk Makhzan Mahyuddin, today.

He added that up till then, too, 174,068 Pati were registered under the Labour Recalibration Programme, a rehiring scheme.

“Under the Labour Recalibration Programme, employers in five sectors (plantation, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and services) facing a labour shortage due to the freeze on foreign worker recruitment, can hire the Pati.

“The employer must ensure they have a valid travel document and register them with Immigration for verification.

“The employer will also need to get a quota approval from the Ministry of Human Resources before it is endorsed by Immigration,” he said during an interview this morning on Bernama Radio about the Recalibration Plan for Illegal Immigrants.

Makhzan said that Pati from 15 countries — including Thailand, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka — who get the okay will be granted a temporary employment pass (PLKS) under the programme.

He said the cost of hiring for the agriculture and plantation sectors is RM2,535 per worker, while for the construction, manufacturing and services sectors it is RM3,745 per worker.

He added that the levy for the first sector group is RM640, while for the second group it is RM1,850.

Makhzan said the Recalibration Plan will end on December 21, 2021 or till the Covid-19 vaccination programme for Pati is over.

He hopes that employers and Pati will take advantage of this opportunity to avoid being arrested and charged.

He said Pati who opt for repatriation must pay a fine of RM300-RM500 for offences under the Immigration Act 1959/63, have a plane ticket home and legitimate Covid-19 test result.

He said the repatriation programme is not for Pati who have committed a criminal offence and have to go to court. — Bernama, Malay Mail, 26/8/2021


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