Sunday, July 20, 2008

PM no power to keep out IGP and DG - get advice before talking please...

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi must really get legal advice before opening his mouth and disgracing our country, Malaysia.

Who is he to oust the person and/or the involvement of the IGP (Inspector General of Police) and/or the Attorney General (AG) from this Investigation or from that investigation. Where is the law that says that the Prime Minister has such power? I am at a loss..
Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail will play no part in the investigation of an allegation of sodomy against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said both Musa and Abdul Gani would have no role whatsoever in the case.

He added that police officers involved in the case would also not refer to their boss or the A-G in the course of their investigation.

Asked if Musa and Abdul Gani should be suspended pending the completion of the investigation, Abdullah said: "They will not be involved at all in the case and the investigating officers will also not refer to them. Therefore, I do not see any reason why they should be suspended." - New Straits Times online, 20/7/2008 -PM: No role for Musa, Abdul Gani in sodomy probe

When it comes to the Attorney General (who is also the Public Prosecutor), certainly his position and role is provided for in the Federal Constitution, and also the other laws of the land - and nobody can prevent him exercising his duties and responsibilities. Not even the say-so of the Prime Minister. It would also be wrong for some underling to exercise the power of the AG when he is around..and fully functional.

Our Prime Minister really must get legal advice before opening his mouth....oh, and the person the Prime Minister should be getting legal advice from is the AG.

While Abdul Gani Patail is AG, and Musa Hassan remains the IGP, you cannot ask them to relinquish their responsibilities, duties and powers in law... To ask them would be wrong... and for them to do so would also be wrong. (Did you, Mr PM, also ask them to leave out the DPM in the Altantuya investigation and prosecution?)

One solution...and one solution only, I see, and that is to remove the Attorney General and appoint a new Attorney General.

Likewise, remove the IGP and appoint a new IGP..

After all, that is what you just did with the DG and the Deputy DG of Immigration. They too are still being investigated - and they have not been charged in court yet. A new DG and Deputy DG have been appointed.
Datuk Mahmood Adam has been appointed Immigration Department director-general, replacing Datuk Abdul Wahid Md Don who has been transferred pending investigations into alleged corruption.
Mahmood was deputy Defence Ministry secretary-general (management). His appointment takes effect tomorrow.

The appointment was announced by Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan yesterday.

Mohd Sidek also announced that the department's director of the Foreign Workers' Division, Abdul Rahman Othman, would be Mahmood's deputy, replacing Yusof Abu Bakar, who is also being probed by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA).- New Straits Times, 20/7/2008 - 'New D-G for Immigration.'
Mr Prime Minister, would it not be DISCRIMINATORY to accord a different kind of treatment to the AG and the IGP, who are also now being investigated...

Again - I say that the PM must stay out of this police investigation and not interfere any more....

The powers being demonstrated by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in this case -- and his personal involvement in the conduct of the police investigation --- only makes one wonder about the real independence of the police and the AG's chambers.

It also makes us seriously wonder whether it was this kind of PM's (or DPM's) exertion of power over the police and the AG that has led to the name of the DPM being left out from the Balasubramaniam's statement (as alleged in his 1st SD) and maybe the whole Altantuya case, and the fact that no charge was levied against the DPM (or his spouse).

We really have to wonder we not since this time, the exertion of the PM's power is done so openly in this Anwar case...


Anonymous said...

It looks a f**k up conspiracy by both BN and PKR.

PKR can justify by calling amotion for the dimissal of IGP and AG.

BN can justify by removing both IDIOTS.

At least for a start.

CHee XtheMan said...

What a good info !! I like posting.

Can we log a abuse power report here ?

Anonymous said...

Always give a stupid statement and be stupid forever!!What a pity having s PM like this?

Anonymous said...

This is the result of civil service being politicised by politicians.Unless both BN and the Opposition respect the independence of the civil service, Malaysians will lose trust in the Civil servants for their protection.
It is high time that we strengthen our institutions rather than leadership worship.

Anonymous said...

There is a BIG VERY BIG difference if Pakatan and DSAI comes to power vs the current BeeEnd power structure and you should highlight it in your blog.

If DSAI ever comes to power, people should not worry, because DAP and PAS comes to power also as EQUAL partners. Lim Kit Siang and Tok Guru will not just let DSAI do as he wants.

This will truly be a check and balance govt. Likewise , PAS cant do as they want without angering DAP and also DAP cant do as they want without angering PAS. Because if any of the 3 walks out of Pakatan, Pakatan Rakyat will fall as the Govt. So , all 3 parties work together!

That is the difference vs DSAI 10 years ago when he was in BeeEnd.

In BeeEnd, everybody knows Badawi and Najis can do as they want. UMNO rules BeeEnd as Superme King. All the rest, MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc etc etc are just running dogs! That is why you have corruption galore!

That is the real difference between a Pakatan Rakyat Federal Govt and the current corrupt govt we have.

jenn v ariela said...

Reform is all we want until the brightest day shine for all Malaysian..Do it or Die..

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you and support your call on that.
The IGP and AG have vested interests in cases involving Anwar. Both of them were instrumental in Anwar's case 1998 in which Anwar has concrete evidents to suggest there were fabrications and manipulation by both. Incidentally now again he faces another sodomy case in which both men are having hand.
So don’t expect people to believe the police can be impartial.

Anonymous said...

There are really too many happenings in our land of Malaysia Boleh. Now sarcastically it sound so bad. Our police is really in deep shit. It appears that they are the legal gangsters employed by UMNO. According to their web site the main responsibilies are "Tugas Am yang menjalankan tugas tradisional kepolisan dan sentiasa berdampingan dengan rakyat." Sad thing is they failed miserably. Instead of ensuring peace and protecting public order,
they appears to be bashing up the rakyat, sending the commandos to apprehend the opposition leader, refuse to show police reports of complainant....Looks like all the ministers are interfering in the works of the police,...The rakyat has lost the trust for police. How on earth are they going to protect us.??

Anonymous said...

The Bodohwi govt is already in a "checkmate" position. Whatever they say or do now, is of no consequence. They have no more credibility left and a govt with no credibility is doomed to fall sooner or later. And that is a fact!