Monday, July 07, 2008

Where is Balasubramaniam and his family?

Where is Balasubramaniam and his family?

The whereabouts of Balasubramaniam, his wife and three children could not be ascertained since after the press conference when he withdrew the 1st Statutory Declaration, and put in a 2nd SD.

The police say they do not know - but do we really believe them. After all, this Balasubramaniam is seen going to see the police at about 4pm, and by the morning he is out there suddenly with a totally different lawyer saying that he is withdrawing his earlier SD, and guess what ---- he has had the time to make a whole new SD.

Kumaresan and his brother Segar, the nephews of Balasubramaniam are seriously worried. They believe that he is being held against his will.

"I don't even know if they are still alive… my mother is not alive and my aunt is like a mother to me… I cannot accept anymore losses," said one of them to the press.

Everyone is interested in the retraction of the 1st SD - was he under some form of threat of his life and his family to do so? Before anyone can investigate, mysteriously the PI and his family disappears -- was C4 be used again? Where are they? A nationwide search needs to be done.

Someone tried to make Altantuya disappear using C4 Bomb, they failed - and now connected to that Mongolian woman's case, another man, his wife and 3 children are missing. Even the closest of relatives are worried.

Did they leave the country - the government must tell us..

See Malaysiakini, 7/7/2008 "PI, family may be held 'against their will' "

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