Sunday, July 20, 2008

Syed Hamid's responsibility, now biggest embarassment for Malaysia

Our attention have been focussed on matters Anwar-Najib-Altantuya-Saiful-Balasubramaniam- Sodomy-Murder... and many missed the happening of a VERY EMBARASSING nature here in Malaysia - in the Immigration Department that comes under Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar.

A Director General was arrested, remanded by the Anti-Corruption Agency, and so was the Deputy D-G on 11 and 12 July 2008.

Yes, we are talking about Datuk Abdul Wahid Md Don and his deputy, Yusof Abu Bakar - and this is national DG - not some state DG.

Wahid and Yusof were arrested on July 11 and 12.
Both have been released on bail and have been transferred to the Public Service Department.

Wahid was alleged to have received money in exchange for issuing work visas to foreigners while Yusof had allegedly received payments to approve extended passes for tourists who had overstayed.

They were among at least a dozen people detained in both cases. - New Straits Times, 20/7/2008 - 'New D-G for Immigration.'

Embarrassing because we are not talking about some petty immigration officers here and there at the bottom rungs - but the Big Boss Man No. 1 and No. 2 of the Malaysian Immigration Department, which comes under the Home Ministry - but the Minister seem to be preoccupied with the DNA issues in the Anwar case.

And, finally they have taken steps to appoint the replacements - but alas, it would have been much better if they had picked persons from the Education, Agriculture, Health, Income Tax, etc, some other departments - but certainly not the Immigration Department itself, when investigations still going on(the new No. 2 come from here), and most certainly not from Najib's Ministry of Defence, where there have also been allegations of corruption - Altantuya, submarine, etc..

Datuk Mahmood Adam has been appointed Immigration Department director-general, replacing Datuk Abdul Wahid Md Don who has been transferred pending investigations into alleged corruption.
Mahmood was deputy Defence Ministry secretary-general (management). His appointment takes effect tomorrow.

The appointment was announced by Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan yesterday.

Mohd Sidek also announced that the department's director of the Foreign Workers' Division, Abdul Rahman Othman, would be Mahmood's deputy, replacing Yusof Abu Bakar, who is also being probed by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA).- New Straits Times, 20/7/2008 - 'New D-G for Immigration.'

The Immigration department's director of the Foreign Workers' Division, Abdul Rahman Othman, should not have been appointed - at least not until all investigations are complete. Did he not know what was going around him all this time? Did he consent to acts of corruption by being silent and playing ignorant ('buat tak tahu')? Come...come now, surely there are other candidates that could be appointed..

So, with this appointment, does it mean that the Datuk Abdul Wahid Md Don and Yusof Abu Bakar will not get back their position even if the investigation shows that allegations/suspicions against them are baseless.

If, however the allegations against them are NOT baseless, then they must be charged and tried in an open court -- do not resort to using the ISA or some other law allowing detention without trial on them.

This is not the first time that Immigration officers have been arrested, but in most (if not all) of those previous cases, the ISA was used....and that is just so wrong. The talk is that the ISA was used because bigger fish were involved -- and if it is done again, the big fish immediately above the DG is Syed Hamid Akbar...and then the PM and the DPM. There has already been hints of "national security" - so it will not surprise me if again all is swept under the carpet using the ISA.

Charge them fast - and get the trial moving very fast (just like the Altantuya case, and the earlier Anwar cases) because this is a very serious matter, which is so shameful to all Malaysians, when the DG is involved...


lleekh said...

I thought the General Orders/Perintah Am is clear that all those who had been charged in court should be suspended from work with half pay. I am at a loss to read that they are now in the PSD! There is something not quite right here!

I also remember that the immigration records of one Altantuya had been completely erased from the computer records of the Immigration Dept. DO you wonder in a case like this that the Director General or his Deputy will not become aware of it? Perhaps may even have a role to play? Now that being the case...dont you think that at some point this would not be a useful bargaining chip?

Anonymous said...

There is a BIG VERY BIG difference if Pakatan and DSAI comes to power vs the current BeeEnd power structure and you should highlight it in your blog.

If DSAI ever comes to power, people should not worry, because DAP and PAS comes to power also as EQUAL partners. Lim Kit Siang and Tok Guru will not just let DSAI do as he wants.

This will truly be a check and balance govt. Likewise , PAS cant do as they want without angering DAP and also DAP cant do as they want without angering PAS. Because if any of the 3 walks out of Pakatan, Pakatan Rakyat will fall as the Govt. So , all 3 parties work together!

That is the difference vs DSAI 10 years ago when he was in BeeEnd.

In BeeEnd, everybody knows Badawi and Najis can do as they want. UMNO rules BeeEnd as Superme King. All the rest, MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc etc etc are just running dogs! That is why you have corruption galore!

That is the real difference between a Pakatan Rakyat Federal Govt and the current corrupt govt we have.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

It has been the practice in some countries
Whenever there's any big scandal involved
The minister concerned will take all responsibilities
And graciously resign as part of the manner for case to be resolved

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210708
Mon. 21st July 2008.