Friday, July 25, 2008

What every State Government must do to improve.. - Proposals for Reform

For too long the BN ruled the Federation, and the States in Semenanjung Malaysia. Many have forgotten that we are a Federation - and the State also have powers and rights, and is capable of doing so much more for the rakyat of the various States.

Pre-GE 2008, too little emphasis was placed on State Government - but things have changed today, and we need to seriously look at the States again... and when we do this, we find that there are so many things that are lacking...and so, I would like to start the ball rolling by making proposals for improvement, and I start with State Government websites....

On its websites, each and every States must at the very least have the following:-

a) The State Constitution (This must be in Bahasa Malaysia, English, and good if it is also in other languages used by its peoples..). Good also if all other State laws are up in the individual websites.
& all the relevant laws. [We really cannot find the State Constitutions and other State made laws in publications easily in the bookshops..]

b) The HANSARD - being the minits of the proceedings in the State Legislative Assembly. We have a Malaysian Parliament website, with the Hansards, copies of the Bills being tabled, etc -- likewise now that Pakatan Rakyat is governing 5 States - it will be good if the minutes of the State Legislative Assembly be on the web. Also must be there is the record of attendance of the ADUNs. We must also have the various written questions and the answers (this even the Parliament website sadly lacks...). State Legislative Assembly procedure, rules, standing orders, etc...must also be online.

c) DECISIONS and POLICY of State Governments - there must be a clear statement of such policies and decisions. In Thailand, there is something called 'Cabinet Resolutions' and it will clearly state the decisions and policies - it is a document that people can later use to claim their rights, and governments criticized for failing to adhere to its policies and decisions.
- In Malaysia, nobody really knows what exactly is the policy and decisions. What is reported in the media - is just that, and it cannot be relied on. There is no government document or minutes that one can rely on to clarify matters.
- So, now Pakatan Rakyat State governments can take the lead - and come out with State Government Resolutions, Decisions and Policies - and best it be numberred as well for easy reference (and this must be also on the State Government websites...

d) There must also be developed an online avenue for people to be able to ask questions - and get answers... This also can be there in the State Government websites..

Towards greater transparency and accountability. Improve the means of communication between the Rakyat and the government...

The present websites, most likely developed during the BN era, lacks a lot of things -- and the one thing we find is the the TENDERS, etc... but really there is so much more that should be in State Government websites..

Education of the rakoyat should also be done through these websites...

Hopefully, all you who read this posting will also forward to as many,. and let us all campaign for greater transparency and accountability -- and, of course real democracy (where the gap between rakyat and government is reduced and minimal..)


essdee said...

What every State government must first do to improve is change all the EXCO and senior civil servants' cars. They seem to be more interested in their comforts than the plight of the rakyaat.


Anonymous said...

i do wrote to DAP penang and penang government - after General Election but no response until now ...

i still wondering .. the direction of Pakatan Rakyat ?? i'm afraid if Pakatan Rakyat became government, its same shit new decade things .. same like BN !!!

Now, Pakatan Rakyat led government is much better at state level compared to BN led government ..