Thursday, May 21, 2009

Changes that must happen when reins of power shift hands..

When a new government takes over...especially from one that has held the reins of power for 50 years plus, there are matters that we have to consider...practices that we have to change...

1) We need to immediately change certain persons who are heads (or are of influence) in certain departments of the State, the Local Councils, etc... They will have to be terminated or 'closetted' somewhere where they will not be able to cause trouble.

NEW governments have a NEW vision and a NEW way of doing things - but alas, some of these old pro-former government persons (who may even be in their current position not by reason of merit and seniority but by reason of being a pro-BN person, who knows how to behave in accordance to the BN culture..). Persons appointed by the previous regime may still be loyal to BN, be still spoiled by the old culture and the old way of doing things...They may resist changes - and may even be hurdles for change and improvement. They seriously need to go.

- so we get rid of the State Secretary, the State Legal Adviser, and some of the heads of departments, and maybe even the Directors and CEOs of some of the wholly owned State companies,...

There is a saying that we cannot put new wine into old wineskins - and that is exactly what must be done..

2) We need to CHANGE some of the old ways of doing things that BN did. Instead of transmitting aid and benefits directly through the relevant public service departments, BN did do so unnecessarily through its wakil rakyats, its component parties, etc... creating a sense of dependency on BN, and also resulting in great injustice. [For certain things, unnecessarily the requirement of support by MP/ADUN or political parties are required...]

Eg. There may be a government budget allocation, whereby certain sums of monies were to be handed out to the warga mas (the old folks). The money should rightly be disbursed through the Welfare Departments. But, what may happen is that the BN parties and people are informed of this - and they then go down and start collecting names and details of this warga mas. The MIC go round collecting the names and details of their members (and other party friendly persons) - and they then submit the list and collect the money, and then also do hand over the money to the persons in their list.

PROBLEM: Some of them warga mas will not even know ...let alone get what has been allocated for them...

PROBLEM: There may be certain amount of corruption...The pay out may be RM1,000 - but the warga mas may only get RM500, and they will not know better ...thankful for all that they get..

PROBLEM: Money may be given to certain persons who do not deserve the same..

CORRECT APPROACH: When there is such allocation for say, them warga mas - there must be public announcements in the newspapers, televisions, radios, etc providing information of the said benefits, and also information of how the said people can claim their benefits - and from which relevant public department - eg. the Welfare Departments, etc..

Good, if we all can make suggestions of areas that need to be changed...sometimes politicians are also BLUR and have no ideas about what needs to be done...After all, it is so easy just to sit in the newly acquired seats of power...and continue doing things in the same manner as it was always done... CHANGE is always difficult..and there will be resistance..but it must be done - and its is always best that it be done speedily ...

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