Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Najib says it's up to the Sultan - so MB must go see the Sultan...and we can have fresh elections in Perak

The best solution is to call for fresh elections in Perak...

I call for fresh elections in Perak - so the people can decide on who they want to govern the State...

Dewan Negara president Dr Abdul Abdul Hamid Pawanchik has called for fresh elections

SUHAKAM has called for fresh elections

The Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) has joined the ever increasing chorus calling for fresh state elections to resolve the political stalemate in Perak.

In a statement today, Suhakam chairperson Abu Talib Othman noted that the situation has deteriorated to a point which required the services of the ballot box.

abu talib othman interview 220807 gesture"It is very unlikely that the Perak issue will be resolved unless power is given back to the people. Court actions will not necessarily resolve the political situation in the state," he said.

The former attorney-general also quoted Dewan Negara president Dr Abdul Abdul Hamid Pawanchik, who said: "The political situation in Perak has reached a stage that required the people to choose again."

Describing it as a basic human right to choose the government of choice, Abu Talib noted that only a stable government would be able to ensure the right to peace and development. - Malaysiakini, 12/5/2009,
Suhakam calls for fresh polls in Perak
The Malaysian Bar, the organisation that represents all about 13,000 lawyers in Peninsular Malaysia have called for fresh elections...

The Kuala Lumpur High Court has today declared that Datuk Seri Mohammed Nizar Jamaluddin is still the rightful Menteri Besar of Perak. His Lordship Datuk Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim ruled that the Menteri Besar can only be dismissed by a no-confidence motion in the State Legislative Assembly. In the case of the purported dismissal of Datuk Seri Mohammed Nizar Jamaluddin, there was no such motion of no-confidence passed in the State Legislative Assembly.

No doubt Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir will now appeal this decision to the Court of Appeal, and further legal arguments will be advanced. Whichever side that loses at the Court of Appeal will then appeal to the Federal Court. The issue will go on and on. Each round of legal battles promises finality but fails to deliver it. Time moves on, and the business of running the State Government continues to be sidelined.

The answer ultimately does not lie in the courts. The Malaysian Bar once again reiterates its position that the time has come for all concerned to acknowledge the writing on the wall. Both sides of the political divide must now realise that power has to be returned to where it rightly belongs – in the hands of the people, the electorate of the State of Perak. Let them cease all further jostling and manoeuvring for political power. Let them exhibit statesmanship. Let them once again seek the mandate of the people. And let the people decide.

Ragunath Kesavan
Malaysian Bar

11 May 2009
MCA also wants fresh elections, it seems

As the imbroglio in Perak grows messier with each passing day, Barisan Nasional leaders are also growing weary and some agree with Pakatan Rakyat’s demand for a fresh polls.

chua soi lek 020108MCA deputy president Dr Chua Soi Lek noted that there are three ways to end the stalemate - the court, the state assembly and elections.

Personally, the former health minister felt that a fresh polls is the best remedy.

“Let the rakyat decide, and once and for all, we resolve this problem which is not doing anybody any good,” he said in a posting on his blog. - Malaysiakini, 12/5/2009,
MCA, Gerakan want fresh polls

And so many others are calling for a fresh elections in Perak - do it now and there will be peace and stability in a month or so, when the people decide for themselves who they want as their representatives...and government in Perak.

But alas, Najib seems not to want elctions in Perak...but wait, he says it is up to the Sultan. If it is so, then the MB of Perak must go see the Sultan and let the Sultan decide on whether to call for a fresh elections or not...

If the Menteri Besar does not see the Sultan - the Sultan, I believe, does not have the ability to dissolve the State Assembly and call for a fresh elections...

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today reiterated Barisan Nasional's stand in facing the Perak crisis by saying that the coalition would follow the proper process of law in taking control of the state.

He also ruled out on calling for a snap state election in the state, stating that such a thing was the prerogative of the sultan.

najib pc on nizar jamaluddin perak court case results 110509 02"Our next course of action will be up to Zambry... but we will respect the due process of the law and let's take it from there," he told reporters after a function in Kuala Lumpur.

“The important thing is to respect the decision of others... we have to respect the rights of the opposition and the opposition has to respect the rights of the government,” he said.

Asked whether the dissolution of the assembly would be better, as the people of the silver state would have the chance to determine their leaders, Najib said: “It is for the judgement of the sultan”. - Malaysiakini, 12/5/2009,
But Najib says no snap elections in Perak

Najib, do not just say "It is for the Judgment of the Sultan" - You know very well that the Sultan on his own just cannot suddenly dissolve the State Assembly.

If you mean it, send your Perak MB to go see the Sultan, and ask the Sultan to dissolve the assembly and open the door for fresh elections. Give the Sultan the total freedom to decide what would be best for his people - the people of Perak. [Would be good if Nizar is also brought along - so all will know what really transpired at that meeting with the Sultan. If not Zambry may go there and talk about something else - and come out and say that the Sultan decided this or that, and we will all not know what transpired...]

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ernest said...

Hi charles,
This is getting to far off and streaching the perakian.
On one part by election is waste of resource and money on another part it's up to the sultan.
What kind of P.M malaysia has? It this what UMNO learned for the past 52yrs? Goodness what ashame................