Friday, May 01, 2009

St John's Chapel, Triang (83 year old) :- Time is running out...

It is only an 83-year old Christian Catholic chapel in Triang, Pahang - and the BN Pahang State government is threatening to demolish it...

The Catholic community, and other residents of this town are not sitting down and giving in...They have been pleading...nope..protesting this attempt to destroy their place of worship.

They have had banners printed that have been placed in various places in town calling for help to save this little chapel.

I visited this chapel today. It is a very old and quaint wooden structure, and some are worried that there may be attempts by some to even burn it down, in an attempt to stifle the growing protest... (And we all know how 'sudden fires' have been used by unscrupulous parties to force people from their homes, etc...)

The people have recently met their Member of Parliament, Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who was reported as asking the State government to delay the eviction/demolition of this little church until the matter could be resolved amicably (Source:- Sinar Harian, Edisi Pahang, 21/4/2009, Tangguh Pindah gereja: Ismail Sabri). The MP (also a Minister) also asked that the District Officer come and resolve this matter that concerns religious matters. [In a letter, some weeks ago, the State authority had indicated that the church was to be vacated by the middle of the year...]

There has also been a signature campaign, that have been initiated by the people, that have been commenced.

People can also write to the Menteri Besar of Pahang, and also the Prime Minister (also from Pahang) to intervene, and ensure that this 83-year old church in this little town continue to exist where it stands now.

Entering the gate, was the church, and just behind the church is the church's kindergarten. The kindergarten is on land that belongs to the Catholic Church, the land just in front of the gate of the church is also Church land, and it really makes no sense, why the lease of land on which the Church has stood for the past 83 years, which is the middle Lot, was not renewed by the government. Oh yes, the church was on land which the Catholic Church had a lease previously.

The Church borders the Chinese New Village on one side, a Chinese School on one side, and some Food Stalls on one side and the road. The church is on State Land - and there is no reasonable excuse for not granting a new lease, or renewing the old lease to the Church.

Time is running out for this little church in Triang - and all good concerned people should do something NOW to ensure the continued existence of this 83-year old St John's Chapel in Triang, Pahang.

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amoker said...

am appalled at how they treat the worshippers. common sense la.. if not, sell the land to the church le. what is so tough? stupid BN

Justice Seeker said...

That church must be rebuild by its members, the RC members of M'sia. The govt can't evict that church at their whims and fancy. Money is not the problem right?

ECGMA said...

It would be nice if you have posted some pics of the chapel. You should snap as many pics of the chapel inside and outside and share it in your blog.

Heart said...

People of Batang Ai@ Sarawak @ Sabah...are you readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! to chance?