Monday, May 18, 2009

To save 'public funds', BN sacrifices Penanti...maybe same reason why we won't have fresh elections in Perak?

Well, this is interesting...

BN is not contesting in the upcoming by-elections for the Penanti State seat...

So, why have they come out with this decision...not to waste money - 'was not interested in 'wasting public funds' by taking part in the by-election.'

What public funds are you talking about? Are you talking about the cost of printing ballot papers, the cost of paying the various SPR agents, who will be tasked to man the various polling stations, etc..

Well, the ones who spend more money usually is the contesting parties - particularly the BN in the past.

'Wasting Public Funds' ....mmm maybe this may apply to the BN, because accusations have been levied before that the BN do use 'government' people, equipment...and maybe also funds.

' Wasting Public Funds' - yes the BN has used a lot of that before, because whenever there is a by-elections, there is a lot of 'immediate overnight' development that comes. Roads get widened kind of 'good for people things' happen to the people in the area where the by-elections happen.

So, maybe that is the 'wasting public funds' that the BN is worried about - not the necessary money expended by SPR to carry out the elections...

Barisan Nasional will not be contesting in the Penanti by-election on May 31, announced Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today.

najib tun razakThe decision was made following a BN supreme council meeting chaired by Najib this afternoon.

The decision was not a major surprise as Najib had previously indicated that the ruling coalition was not interested in 'wasting public funds' by taking part in the by-election. - Malaysiakini, 18/5/2009,
Confirmed! BN not contesting Penanti
Or...maybe that is not really the REAL reason...

Maybe, it was a necessary sacrifice especially if the BN is going to again use the same 'wasting public funds' argument for not dissolving the Perak State Assembly, and having fresh elections in Perak.

To contest in Penanti - and then try to avoid fresh elections in Perak, using that 'wasting public funds' argument would have not worked.

'Wasting Public Funds' is no justification for not calling for fresh elections in Perak.

'Wasting Public Funds' is no reason for not having elections at any level - including also the Local Council level..


Unknown said...

stupid excuse.

stupid najis.



ernest cheah said...

Hi charles,

What a shame. the truth will prevail.
The longer the perak issue is being drag on the better it's for Najis but umno/bn is bleeding.

nckeat88 said...

Drama king
Stupid ass ghost

Unknown said...

UMNO mesti berfikiran positif. Lagi lama Perak berada dalam keadaan krisis, lagi akan menambah kemarahan rakyat kepada Najib. Ditangan Najib ada 'pisau' dan dia ada pengaruh untuk membubarkan DUN Perak.

Kesan dari krisis ini akan memberi imej yang sangat buruk kepada Najib pada pilihanraya umum ke 13 nanti. Malah UMNO dan BN akan kalah lebih teruk dari pilihanraya yang lepas.

BN dan UMNO sebenarnya tidak rugi apa-apa kalau bubarkan DUN Perak kerana sebelum ini Perak memang kepunyaan PR. UMNO tidak hilang apa-apa kalaupun kalah di Perak.

Yang lebih penting kepada UMNO ialah fikirkanlah nasib UMNO pada pilihanraya ke 13 nanti.

Jangan jadi, nak untung secupak rugi segantang.