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Just repeal the ISA - no need to need to convert it to an 'anti-terrorist' law..

Let us not be confused by the UMNO-led BN's attempt to now review the ISA - There is no need for any review. Just repeal the ISA and all other laws that allow for Detention Without Trial.

There already exist sufficient laws in Malaysia to cover all possible crimes. Inciting others to commit a crime is also a crime. Preparations towards the commission of a crime is also a crime...Hence, there really is no need for any preventive detention laws.

Bush is no more the President of the US, and with him we must bury his stupid 'war on terror' - but alas the MCA is still talking about 'anti-terror laws', or rather making the ISA an anti-terror law..Really, politicians must stop simply making statements without really knowing the issues and concerns.

A review of the Internal Security Act (ISA) should be comprehensive and address terrorism specifically to prevent abuses in interpretation.

MCA Wanita chief Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun suggested the ISA be renamed the Anti-Terrorism Act so there was no room for abuse.

Saying the public welcomed the review by the Home Ministry and the Law Reform Committee, she added that such an act should only be geared towards fighting terrorism.

This should not be seen as a “re-branding exercise” but as a move to make the law more precise, she said. - Star, 4/5/2009, ISA review: ‘Make it an anti-terrorism act’

What do you mean by 'fighting terrorism"?

Bush's war on terror - has resulted in branding persons and groups of persons who were fighting against oppressive regimes, who have ben fighting for independence and greater terrorists and this is not at all right.

US and its cronnies that use indiscriminate and unjustifiable 'terror' that kills persons is not even branded as acts of terror... What the US did below is just like those 'Malaysian police 'shoot to kill' cases. Those killed are 'branded' and that justified the killing. There is not even the right to defend one's self. The innocent killed and their families also do not get justice (or even some compensation)...

So, who does the branding - You are terrorist, and you are not.... Maybe, we can have laws against 'acts of terror' - but what is that really.

But does that not involve killing, injuring persons and damaging property - and is that not already crimes in existing law. Thus, there can really be no justification in transforming existing detention without trial laws into 'anti-terrorism' laws, is there now.

In fact, there is already that new chapter in the Malaysian Penal Code, i.e.


which deals with so called terrorist related offences...
And since August 2008, there have been about 30 such attacks killing more than 320 human beings..

At least 22 people in Pakistan, including suspected al-Qaeda fighters, have been killed in a missile attack thought to have been carried out by an unmanned US drone.

Security officials said the raid targeted a Taliban camp in northwest Pakistan on Thursday.

Two missiles fired by a drone hit the alleged camp in the tribal area of Kurram, one of seven semi-autonomous regions near Pakistan's border with Afghanistan.

A senior security official, speaking anonymously, said "the training centre was run by local Taliban commander Fazal Saeed and training was under way at the time of the strike".

The Taliban has sealed off the area and was retrieving bodies from the rubble of the building, officials said.

Kurram is a known hub for fighters loyal to Baitullah Mehsud, Pakistan's most wanted man, and Sirajuddin Haqqani, de facto commander of Taliban-aligned groups on the border.

Security officials had earlier said that at least seven fighters had been killed in the attack, including "foreigners" - using a term adopted to mean al-Qaeda operatives.

Repeated strikes

More than 30 such missile attacks have been carried out since August 2008, one month before Asif Ali Zardari was sworn into office as president of Pakistan, killing more than 320 people.

The US military does not confirm drone attacks, but it and the Central Intelligence Agency operating in Afghanistan are the only forces to deploy drones in the region.

It was the fifth missile attack blamed on unmanned US aircraft since Barack Obama, the US president, came to power, dashing the Pakistani public's hopes that the new administration would abandon the policy.

Obama says fighters in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where US troops are battling the Taliban, pose a grave threat.

Islamabad has repeatedly protested to Washington that drones violate its territorial sovereignty and deepen resentment among the 160 million people of the nuclear-armed Islamic nation. - Al-Jazeera, 14/3/2009, Deaths in Pakistan drone strike

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nckeat88 said...

USA is our icon for democracy. Even Obama is not considering the modifies version of Guantanamo. So why should we ablolish the ISA. We should just reveal it and keep it as preventive measure. We should have pur modified version of ISA just like USA. We applaud Obama for change and this is exactly the change we need, the modified version of ISA.