Monday, May 30, 2011

Hishammuddin, we do not believe you - release these ISA detainees now

We do not believe you - because under the ISA (and other Detention Without Trial laws), you can effectively arrest and keep in detention any person alleging this and that ..... and this is certainly against justice and human rights...

So, immediately and unconditionally release the said 3 persons now...

If any person really broke Malaysian laws, then charge them in court and allow them the right to defend themselves in a fair and open trial...and, if the court is convinced with the evidence that you have and you have managed to prove them guilty, then the court will convict and sentence them...

Malaysia already have an anti-human trafficking Act - so, what is the problem of taking action under this Act.

And, is this really a case of 'trafficking' - or was it just a case of persons assisting immigrants/asylum seekers/refugees enter Malaysia? Smuggling persons into the country is different from 'trafficking of human persons'. A smuggler is a person who illegally facilitates the entry of persons into Malaysia - people seeking the services of 'smugglers' do it of their own free will...many a times paying for this service. Trafficking of human persons on the other hand is where the person being trafficked is brought in forcibly, without consent, etc... Smuggled in persons are certainly not victims of human trafficking... and that is why we cannot lump both 'people smugglers' and 'human traffickers' together...

Three people including two foreigners were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in Lahad Datu on May 24 for suspected human trafficking involving illegal immigrants.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, who confirmed this, said the trio were found to be active in smuggling illegal immigrants through land and sea routes.

However, he declined to disclose their identities.

The action was in line with the government's firm stand in tackling security threats to the country, he said after handing over appointment letters to the new Sabah Registration Department director Ismail Ahmad and Sabah Prisons Department director Suria Idris, both of whom are Sabahans, here today.

He said the arrests of the trio enabled more detailed investigations to be carried on human trafficking syndicates, particularly those operating in Sabah.

He added that the arrests were also part of the measures being taken by the government to check the inflow of illegal immigrants into Sabah.

On the new appointments, Hishammudin said he hoped it would help further improve the delivery system of the two agencies under his ministry.

"They have wide knowledge and experience on the local situation and are committed to discharge the responsibilities entrusted to them," he said, adding that with their appointments, five of nine department and agency directors under the ministry in Sabah now were locals.

He also dismissed perceptions held by some quarters that the percentage of locals employed in federal agencies in the state was very low.

Citing the departments and agencies under his watch, Hishammuddin said the majority of the staff in them were locals with the percentage between 70 and 97 percent. - Bernama - Malaysiakini, 29/5/2011,
3 held under ISA for human trafficking

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