Saturday, March 02, 2013

BRIM - why some only get RM250...not RM500?

I know a man in Temerloh, an elderly man living alone, sickly with no permanent job - and he just got a letter from the Finance Ministry saying that he is entitled to only RM250

Why RM250 - not RM500? His household is one - but that really is the case of many elderly persons (and some other Malaysians) - and they still incur all the expenses of any other home dweller - electricity. water. sewage, cukai pintu...cukai tanah, food, healthcare... so why is he only being given RM250 - not RM500. His case, he does not any working children to even support his livelihood.

Many who did qualify and receive payment for the first BRIM are still waiting - believing that they will receive a letter about when and where to collect their BRIM - and they are still waiting ... Why are they not being send letters - even if only it is some information about what to do and where to go to get their BR1M?  Some of these are elderly persons - The government have records...why not just simply sent them their BR1M cheques in their name. Why another application, etc...

How and where to apply for BR1M? Where do you even find that information? Remember, not all Malaysians have computers and is internet fluent. Who really receives BR1M?

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charleskwi said...

Those who have yet to receive the promised amount will have to wait till the morons are able to borrow more money, period !