Saturday, March 02, 2013

For the BN, democracy means having the right to vote every 5 years

Watching the adverts on TV, that is what this BN means when it talks about democracy....

For me, no political party or coalition can simply take the results of the General Elections to do as it pleases for the next 5 years. 

Democracy means that the people need to be consulted at all times - 'consulted' not informed only. In the BN-style of democracy. the leaders/MPs/ADUNs do not really LISTEN to the people - When they attend functions, normally it is only they that talk and the people are expected to listen...listen ... for after all, the BN runs by the understanding that 'they know best...what is good for the people of Malaysia..." 

Secrecy is another aspect of the BN-style democracy - they do not tell the people what they are doing, what agreements they have entered Malaysia into... and when people claim their right to know exactly what the government has agreed to here and there - it is so difficult. You go to court, and the court tells you that you do not have the 'locus standi' (the right) and that is also if a Member of Parliament takes the case...

Before, when it comes to projects, there will be Notice Boards placed at the site inviting persons with objections and comments to submit them (or even be part of a public hearing of sorts..) where the authorities would consider and then come to a decision on any particular project - But alas, that seemed to have disappeared. Lynas got build and people never knew until so much later...

We elect people's representatives (Wakil Rakyat) but somehow, they cease to be people's representatives after elections. How many have regular consultations with their constituents... not 'I talk you listen sessions'? How many spend time informing people of what Bills are before Parliament/State Assemblies and what are the issues and concerns, and get the feedback of their constituents...So, not only is there no consultations...there is also not much of providing information back to the people they represent - certainly not Democracy.

Media as it is, in Malaysia, fails to play the role it should be playing. It should be providing information, viewpoints (pro and against), space for different issues and matters - but alas, many just operate as though they are a 'government organ' - informing only of the good that the government is doing - see how the TV presenters behave when they report - is it obvious that it is BIASED. The Media is supposed to play also a 'check and balance' role - to highlight also failings of the governments and concerns of minorities/ordinary people communities/workers/marginalised - so that it may pressure the government to respond for the betterment of Malaysia.

BRIM --- what is this all about? Are we beggars relying on the discretion or mercy of Najib and his government? This certainly is not a enshrined right - which would have been better, where the goverment could have enacted that Malaysians, or poorer Malaysians (defined as those earning less than RM1,500?) would be given annual (no monthly) assistance to help with their children's education...cost of living. But No, come near election year...a lot of hand-outs by the government, and this, in many democracies, would be seen as corruption...yes, corruption. Remember, this is the same government that increased the cost of living - by increasing prices, etc - and now, they come to help. The strategy is what - "Create the fire...and then come with the extinguishers...and expect people to say 'Thank You BN, and Najib is a IM4U person' " People in Malaysia are not stupid... All this, we know will stop after the elections is won ...and things will be bad for many many years ,,,and again close to the next GE, again there will be 'goodies' handed out....and do you think that Malaysians are so gullible and believe there is true democracy in Malaysia...and vote back the incumbent..

If Opposition wins, we hope we won't have a 'Animal Farm' like thing happening in Malaysia - and that democracy will not just be the right to vote once every 5 years - It would be more - There must be democracy at all levels - kampung/taman, Local Council, etc... even Senators should be elected dedemocratically by the people..



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