Thursday, March 07, 2013

Just 'transfered out' for torture of 200 National Service trainees

What is happening in these National Service camps? Normally, these camps are supposed to provide military training so that people could be called in times of trouble to serve as volunteers to defend the country...or maybe serve as volunteer fireman, police, civil defence force, provide first aid,....but what do these camps in Malaysia do Certainly a lot of money to be made by some .... or maybe a ruse for the BN to regain the support of the youth ...really, I do not you?  

But now we find out that trainees are being subject to 'torture' - unnecessary punishment, and when investigation proves that the allegations are true, the Camp Commandant is transferred out...that is no punishment. 

Just report to the police, and let the police take the appropriate action according to the law... A transfer to .....what some other national Service Camp - that is no punishment. A fine is a punishment...a demotion is a punishment...Maybe someone should sue the Camp Commandant(include also the government) for the wrong done against the 200 trainees...Compensation for the victims??

Disclose the results of the investigation... and name the culprit...    


Monday March 4, 2013

Camp commandant booted out over ‘severe punishment’

KUANTAN: A National Service camp commandant has been transferred out following an allegedly severe punishment meted out to 200 trainees over a theft.

The trainees were allegedly made to sit under the hot sun, then soaked themselves in a nearby pond and again made to sit under the hot sun wearing just their shorts.

National Service Training Department director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil said they had received a report on the Feb 23 incident at the Kampung Hijrah camp in Penor, near here.

“We conducted an immediate investigation and found that the action taken by the management of the camp was not in accordance with the stipulated rules. As such, we took drastic action and transferred out the camp commandant within 24 hours, effective from March 1,” he said yesterday.

Parent Wong Yoke Chan, 36, from Mentakab, said the “excessive punishment” was meted out on her 18-year-old son and the other trainees over the theft of several hundred ringgit.

The punishment lasted about two hours,” she said, after submitting a complaint letter to the camp.

Wong said the punishment was totally uncalled for and had affected the students “physically and emotionally”. - Star, 4/3/2013, Camp commandant booted out over ‘severe punishment’

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Mr Bojangles said...

These are children or young adults. So bullying them is ok, after all they are under your dominance and are afraid to or don't know how to protest.

So take advantage of your position as Commandant and indulge in your sadistic streak.

This whole NS thing is based on bullying. Forcing youth to participate in something that is of dubious value except to those who reap the benefits from contracts and those with mental problems such as the commandant of this camp.

But when it comes to an invasion by foreigners, these army-types don't have a clue as to what to do.

And don't transfer that fellow. Put him in prison.