Tuesday, October 21, 2014

6 days without Internet/Phone Service - TM fails to restore service to kampung

16/10/2014 - Loss of TM Phone/Internet Service

21/10/2014 - Still TM failed to restore service - to date TM or their technicians have failed to contact me or even send an SMS telling me the reason for their failure to restore service within 23 Hours 

When I call 100, they are shocked that I have not been contacted - for last 2 times, they referred my complaint to the 2nd level....but alas still no restoration of service..

Maybe, we should nationalize telecommunication and internet service - for TM seem to be incapable to doing the needful speedily... (The last time, it took 9-10 days - but when the Bill comes, they do charge for the full month - they should not only deduct the days they could not provide service - but also compensate the consumer for the additional costs incurred - yes, I have to travel to the internet shop daily...)

Reason, someone cut or stole the phone cable - did TM make the relevant police reports. I am sure police could have identified the perpetrators easily - who buys 'stolen' telephone cables? Who buys copper that is apparently found in these cables? Surely not many suspects...

Some suggest that these are done by the contractors who have been outsourced the task of dealing with complaints and doing repair work...How are these contractors paid - depending on the number and kind of work done? The relevant Minister should look at this as apparently this 'cable theft' cases are on the rise...  

I have brought it to the attention of the relevant Ministry but.....

See earlier post:-

TM again fails to restore service within 24 hours... 3 days now (and not even a call or SMS updating the consumer)?

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