Thursday, October 23, 2014

8 Days Now Without TM Internet/Phone - Complain to Ministry on 19th October ineffective?

16/10/2014 - Loss of TM Phone/Internet Service
23/10/2014 - Still TM failed to restore service - to date TM or their technicians have failed to contact me or even send an SMS telling me the reason for their failure to restore service within 23 Hours

6 days without Internet/Phone Service - TM fails to restore service to kampung

TM again fails to restore service within 24 hours... 3 days now (and not even a call or SMS updating the consumer)?

The phone bill  of my neighbour arrived, and monthly charges are required to be paid despite the disruption of service also in September 2014  - 8 days without Internet/Phone - Telekom Malaysia Inefficient? - Informed Ministry - Hope service is restored soon

Phone/Internet disruption in September 16 September, and it was restored in a day after I complained to the Ministry on 25/9/2014 - TEN DAYS WITHOUT TM INTERNET/PHONE SERVICE

* Today, we send again a complaint to the Ministry




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