Thursday, October 23, 2014

A bad suggestion to classify Malaysians into those deserving subsidy and those that do not - RON95?

A rather foolish suggestion, in my opinion. So, what you want to do - give us poor and middle income Malaysians a 'subsidy card' - so another project, I believe... to get these cards to have this information 'this person is qualified to get subsidized petrol' ...and yes, you will need a reader in all petrol stations too.... a 'big project' that will enrich some. Who gets the contract? 

Second problem - Malaysians have our DIGNITY - we do not want to be branded poor and middle incomed persons that need financial assistance.  Note, many a Malaysian who now qualify for BR1M do not even go and register, let alone receive these 'handouts'. We have our pride and dignity.

Third, the obvious fact is that the rich would have not changed from Ron 97 to Ron 95 - the differences in prices really do not affect them at all. It is Malaysians who are already poor or middle incomed that did change to Ron 95, although experts would have stated it would have not been good for their cars.

Well, this Malaysian government PROMISED us that it will continue to provide subsidy if we use Ron 95 - so now would not this move be a breach of that promise after so many of us changed from RON97 to RON95? 

Well, maybe for those with cars valued at more than RM100,000 save for 'station wagon type cars' used by people with bigger families should not be entitled to subsidized RON 95 - but enforcement would be a lot difficult. 

All in all, a poorly thought off suggestion. 

Of course, the rich and the very rich should be contributing more for the wellbeing and welfare of all in Malaysia - and the correct and easiest way was to increase the income tax rates of the rich and super rich >>> BUT alas Malaysia is reducing their rates... Our rates of income tax for the rich and super rich should be high at 35 - 45% or taxable income --- but this government has been reducing it to what now....24% - see earlier posting

Budget:- Little help for the poor but Great help for the rich and very rich

Increase Individual Chargeable Income Tax Rates - 30 - 50%? Malaysia desperately needs money...

So the classes would be :- Malaysians Requiring Subsidy AND Malaysians Not Requiring Subsidy {Will we get different coloured MyKads...or maybe there will be a new category - Orang Miskin 1Malaysia and Orang Kaya 1Malaysia

Hello, we Malaysians have DIGNITY - treat us equally...stop treating us like 'Beggars"...

High-income Malaysians to pay more for RON95 next year – Bernama

Starting June next year, the purchase of RON95 petrol for those in the high-income bracket will be according to market prices, said Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan (pic).

He said the mechanism and methods of implementation were being finalised by the Finance Ministry and Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry either through the use of MyKad or other cards.

"They will pay the cost of RON95 according to market prices. For example if the price is RM2.58 sen, then it is RM2.58 sen," he told a news conference after presenting a talk on the goods and services tax (GST) for senior officers of the Regional and Rural Development Ministry and its agencies in Bangi today.

He said those in the low- and middle-income groups would continue to enjoy RON95 at subsidised prices. "This system is fairer as only those qualified will receive the subsidy," he said, adding that a similar system would be implemented for diesel consumers starting January next year via the fleet card.

At present the price of RON95 is RM2.30 a litre.

At the news conference, Regional and Rural Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal said the GST talk was important so that the people were not be easily influenced by inaccurate information being spread by irresponsible quarters.

He said information to rural residents would also be intensified not only through talks nationwide by the finance ministry but also involved agencies under his ministry. – Bernama, October 23, 2014, Malaysian Insider
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